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Sonnet Playlist: 6 Must Listen To Artists

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

We get to experience a variety of great music hear at Darkus, and many people ask me what I am listening to at the moment. In the past I have put together a little playlist of my recommendations which was so much fun, that I would do another one, based on the fabulous artists our friends over at Sonnet Music have introduced me too over recent weeks. What I like about Aidan and his team is that they work with a wide number of artists across a variety of genres, so being a lover of new music, to me that is like a dream come true. Anyway getting back to the playlist – mannnn do I have a fabulous selection for you – 6 incredible artists who have a unique vibe about them that will leave you asking yourself – “where have you been all my life??”.

Anna Pancaldi – What I’ve Become

First on our list we have singer song writer, Anna Pancaldi and her track What I’ve Become. From first impressions its quite a good strong song, made even more special by the beautiful vocals of Anna. If you do a search for any of her previous work you will be able to tell how far she has come, and how with tracks such as this as well as Peace, how she is pushing herself and showing boldness in her newer material. As a song What I’ve Become is extremely refreshing. It is almost as though Anna is having a conversation with the listener about those reflective moments we all sometimes experience.

Zoe Konez – The Sweetest Thing Is Love

Next we have Zoe Konez and her song, The Sweetest Thing Is Love. The very moment I pressed play, I was instantly memorised and in love with this song. Everything about it is so special from the lyrics, to Zoe’s voice to the positive vibes that run from start to finish. A very heart - warming number to put anyone in a good mood. When it comes love style songs is that a lot of the time people tend to focus on negative experiences, so it is actually liberating from a listener point of view to come across an artist such as Zoe Konez who doesn’t follow the crowd, and shows us the emotions we go through don’t always have to be bad.

Deliah – Infinite

If your looking for something really deep, but powerful at the same time then the next artist on my playlist would be ideal - Deliah and her song Infinite. The track itself was released back in September, however it is absolutely captivating on so many levels. There are moments on this song where you have gentle tones which allow you to focus on the depth behind the lyrics, then other moments when you least expect it where you have sing along at the top of your voice style chorus. That is just the song, so I recommend you also watch the music video too because the combination of the two will take your breath away.

RUEN – What I Need


Moving on we come to the super cool tunes of RUEN and her song What I Need. This song has so much character, sassiness and confidence to it. What I admire about RUEN is that she puts so much love and care into her song writing, and What I Need is a perfect example of honest music where she is not afraid to say what is on her mind. To be a true lyricist in this age I feel is something which requires a balance of connecting to your emotions and also using it as a strength to bring inspiration to others, and for me RUEN manages to successfully do that through What I Need.

Peppermint Heaven & Danvers – Break Your Fall

No playlist would be complete without a wild card, after all this is me we are talking about haha. So for something a little bit different but still cool and edgy then my next recommendation has to be Peppermint Heaven & Danvers and the track Break Your Fall. Providing us with those Deep House vibes this remix by Peppermint Heaven & Danvers will have you tapping your foot and swaying away sooner than you realise.

Everything about Break Your Fall is amazing, and although this may be deep house, the addition of the vocals when combined with the upbeat vibe make it even more dreamier as a track. More importantly I think it is a track that can be appreciated by anyone regardless of what type of music your into. Listening to this track on repeat (which trust me you too will find yourself doing too) has made me excited to delve more into the world of Peppermint Heaven & Danvers. Sometimes to be a creative creates opportunities to collaborate, and Break Your Fall demonstrates the beautiful creation that occurs when two remarkable and talented artists join forces.

Dancing On Tables – Colour Me Good

Last but by no means least on our playlist we have the music of Scottish band, Dancing On Tables and their infectious and fun track Colour Me Good. Having recently been on the road with friends, Cassia, Dancing On Tables have such a good vibe to them. Colour Me Good is a great starting point for anyone just discovering the guys as when you listen you have three main elements – energy, relatable lyrics and fun. As a band, Dancing On Tables have so much potential and the combination of tracks like Colour Me Good and their ability to get the party started during a live show, will no doubt see them getting stronger and stronger each and every time.

6 different, but remarkable artists for you to check out, and no doubt as you listen to each of them you will soon find yourself spreading the word and recommending them to your friends and loved ones. We are blessed to live in a time where we experience such a enriched and vibrant music scene, so coming across the likes of Anna Pancaldi, Zoe Konez, Deliah, RUEN, Peppermint Heaven & Danvers and Dancing On Tables give you a reason to smile that little bit more.

Article By Thushara

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