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Small Talk - Paris

It may have only been out since 13th May 2022, but already Bournemouth based indie-rock band have already been feeling the love following the release of their brand new track Paris. As someone who really enjoys checking out emerging bands, I thought it was only right that I give the latest track a spin myself.

If I could describe Paris in a few words it would be ‘pretty damn good’. Ok that might not sound much of description to the naked eye, but honestly this song is brilliant on so many levels. Not only do you have a catchy beat which will have you swaying along, but you also have some equally infectious lyrics which can only be truly appreciated by singing along. This was the first time I had ever heard any of Small Talk’s music, and even for me I found myself being able to warm to their music in an instant, almost as though I had known them all of my life.

Lyrically I love how this song speaks from the heart about some of those precious memories in life which are so relatable. I also like the fact that as a song Paris on the whole is quite an uplifting song to listen to, and if anything you can really feel the energy and passion that Small Talk put into their music.

Yes to many music fans, Small Talk will be a brand new name to them, but nevertheless they one of those emerging bands you need to ensure you keep a close eye on, because before you know it they will be up there standing shoulder to shoulder with all the other great emerging UK bands such as our friends Paris Youth Foundation, Vistas, The Snuts, Glass Animals and The Magic Gang.

Word on the street is that Small Talk have been shortlisted to play this year’s Y Not Festival, so let’s cross our fingers they are selected because to deny the world of their music, especially when they have sensational tracks such as Paris would be a sin.

I can already imagine what it would be like to see this song performed live, the atmosphere would be electric and the whole place bouncing with life, as everyone sings at the top of their lungs to the words ‘if we are the last to stand in honour, would you come back to Paris’. Ah how brilliant that would be!

It makes me so happy that now with Small Talk’s music in my life, giving me the spring in my step, that I can now really start to immerse myself even more in their music. I must have listened to Paris on loop several times a day now because I quite simply get enough of it, and I trust that the moment you give it a listen you too will experience the same. I look forward to seeing how Small Talk continues to grow and thrive in the next chapter of their exciting evolution.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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