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Slightest Clue - Carousel

Vancouver band Slightest Clue recently brought out their latest single, Carousel. Oozing with unadulterated pure honest, this is one of those songs which will really activate your mind as a listener. Our minds have a tendency to sugarcoat all those feelings that we hold on our mind, but Carousel is a song which speaks openly with lines like ‘suddenly I feel more in control,  recognising how fucked you are can make you feel less alone’. It is a song which takes us to the corners of the mind that we don’t tend to visit an awful lot of. 

Another thing I enjoy about this song is how it is one that in terms of energy builds momentum, because in the second part of the song especially you can witness some awesome solos and riffs. 

I think this Canadian band have so much to offer us music fans, and heres hoping for even more great times to come in 2024 for Slightest Clue.

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