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Slam Dunk North: 25th May 2019 – Let The Celebrations Commence

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Enjoying your 2019 so far? Well for music fans things are going to get even more better as this weekend, Slam Dunk returns to Leeds and Hatfield where the best, fresh and exciting names in the world of music gather to bring us some music to make bank holiday weekend that extra bit special. Having been attending the event for now 8 years, for me personally this is one of those special occasions where I get a reminder in my phone every year and my eyes fill up with excitement and joy.

So with it being only a number of days to one of the best events ever, the question on most people’s lips is what have the organizers got planned to make Slam Dunk even better! Anyone who knows festival director, Ben Rays will know he is a man with a hunger for live music and is one of those special souls who is looking to constantly evolve, thus making know two Slam Dunk years ever the same! With that in mind therefore, when it comes to Slam Dunk North, having spent the past few years in Leeds City Centre, this year sees the event moved to Temple Newsam Park just a short drive from Leeds. You pretty much have everything in one place, so you won’t have to worry about doing too much walking, which means you have extra energy when it comes to dancing along to your favourite band.

That brings us nicely to the who exactly is blessing us with their presence? If you haven’t looked at the lineup already, then whatever your doing stop what your doing and go and check it out. I can hear a few of you multi tasking as you read this article and I am no mind reader as you go through the list of names, I am pretty sure with a smile on your face saying to yourself – “fuck yea!!!” – and if you have not got your ticket having fainted at the impressive line-up then the only thing I am going to say to you is, “What are you waiting for gurllllfriend” – clicking my fingers and speaking in a very sassy tone haha!

So who exactly are some of the names on the bill that have got me doing cartwheels inside my mind. For me I have a few favorites – one band I was really please to see mentioned was American metalcore band, Atreyu. Being one of the first ever bands I got into, Atreyu were a band who brought so much adrenaline, so to see them performing at Slam Dunk is something I am so excited to see with my own eyes. Two other bands to tick the “Thushara is happy” box are Simple Plan and Silverstein. Both incredible in their own ways, and again were instrumental in the early days for shaping my love for alternative music.

In fact part of the reason for me that I enjoy Slam Dunk so much is the opportunity to celebrate some of the bands who shaped my hunger for wanting to go to shows, buy albums and play a vital role in many years to follow of me blasting their tunes with the volume on loud as I sing along at the top of my lungs like I am having the best party ever. New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Lights, Gallows, and a good chunk of this 2019 Slam Dunk Line up have all given me countless memories over the years, so to know that every single one of them are going to be in the same place on the same day, ok can someone pinch me please?

Of course what makes Slam Dunk extra special is that it is also an opportunity to discover up and coming new music, and to also catch up with that new band you deserved a few years back and are now growing and embracing what they have to offer with confidence. For example Seaway, I remember those chaps from when I first met them back in 2014 on a tour with Knucklepuck, and now like wowwww they are doing so well, and having played Slam Dunk for the past few years for me the line-up wouldn’t be the same without them!

Got your ticket, booked your travel, but now trying to work out who to see on the day? Ah we have all been there dear chum. However help is at hand thanks to the lovely Slam Dunk team. The first port of call is to first download the official app where you can have a good look through and sort out whether you fancy bopping to the chilled vibes over at the acoustic stage, or crowd surfing to your hearts content over at the Impericon stage. The choice is yours! Even better with the two main stages being the Monster and Jeigermeister stages, to try and make things a little bit easier the organizers have tried to avoid any major clashes between the two stages. Finished watching The Word Alive, but running to get to see Waterparks? Woah cowboy, slow down catch your breath because you still have time… you get the idea haha!

So lets sum up!

  • The line up is going blow your mind!

  • For Slam Dunk North fans, the venue is even more bigger

  • And best of all your going to have the best day ever celebrating the spirit of live music whilst making friends, creating memories and walking away having discovered one of the top UK festivals known to human kind!

Whether this is your first time, or your 10th time, Slam Dunk is one of those experiences where you will be reliving for months to come! Have fun, enjoy yourselves and see you down the front! Slam Dunk 2019, bring it on!!!

Article By Thushara

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