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Skinny Dippers - Night To Day

Taken from their debut album, The Town & The City which is released later this year, I just cannot get enough of Skinny Dippers and their latest single Night To Day. I have had a few people mention this US band to me in the past, and I hang my head in shame that I did not take the opportunity to listen to their music sooner, but man, I felt so happy when I was able to listen to Night To Day.

I am into the likes of Parcels and Tame Impala, both incredible names in their own right, however Skinny Dippers have may have just gone and wooed me with this latest single, because everything about Night To Day feels so dreamy. The energy of the song has a great feel good vibe to it that just takes captive of your heart and mind in a positive way. Lyrically, the song-writing and the narrative that Night To Day showcases is on point, and is probably one of the best pieces of music in recent times I have ever had the pleasure of connecting too.

As I said Night To Day is just one of the main tracks from the upcoming debut album The Town & The City, but if this single has had this effect on me, I can only imagine that the album itself will blow my mind along with many other music fans who also discover Skinny Dippers for the very first time this year too.

I count down the weeks as the release of the album draws near, but until then I will not hesitate in celebrating and singing the praises of what tracks like Night To Day have to offer. Available to listen to now on all major platforms, don’t let good quality music such as this pass you by, and make sure you start listening to Skinny Dippers latest single today.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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