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Silverstein Release Alternative Version Of 'Infinite'

Photo Credit: Wyatt Clough

With the original version of “infinite” being released on the album “a beautiful place to drown’ only weeks before the global shutdown due to a pandemic everyone’s lives had to immediately change and become something new. The song already had a deep emotion connection with a lot of fans, encapsulating mental health becoming more widely outspoken with a lot of the of the lyrics in the album focusing on everyday mental health challenges, it only makes sense for them to take a second look at the songs evolving meaning.

As Guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau says ‘"Infinite' was born in the black hole of anxiety—unable to remember 'normal,' the fear of not knowing when the feeling will end, or if it will end at all.” The pandemic has given us all more time to think and reflect on ourselves, our lives and what everything means to us. but it is also more than that. Knowing everyone is in the same situation is somewhat comforting yet albeit very scary not being able to see the end of the tunnel.

Silverstein reached out to they fans for the accompanying video and asked then the relay how they're feeling during quarantine and give them an outlet to relay this. The video starts with gut wrenching truths of fear that echo the lyrics of the song. This paired with an eerie video of empty streets, empty cites and the wilderness isn't a metaphor its the truth. But by the time we reach the bridge we begin to start hearing messages of hope, that it isn't all doom and gloom and that we can all get through this.

Many of the audio excerpts thank the band for keeping them in one piece. Whilst not everyone may have turned to Silverstein to get them through quarantine i know for sure that most of us turned to music to get us through. For a band that have always stayed to their roots and always been there for their fans it is beautiful for a band to get even closer and personal with us.

It goes to show that no matter where you are or how successful you are in life that we are all one in the same on certain levels and have an intrinsic connection. it has now become a song of hope, not one of despair.

Article By Sam Wall

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