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Sick Love Release Debut Album ‘Champagne’

Looking for that perfect instalment of fresh new music to sink your teeth into? Let me introduce you to Irish pop-rock band Sick Love and their debut album Champagne which was released on 3rd May 2024. This is a cause for celebration for sure. Sick Love have so much to offer music fans, and this album is the perfect opportunity for any music fan to jump on and immerse themselves in the magnetic energy of the band.

With there being 10 songs on the record, there is no better way to emphasise how awesome this album is that inviting you to join us as we delve into Champagne ourselves. Beginning with opening track Sucka this track is so full of attitude, confidence and feist thanks to Rebecca Geary taking lead on vocals. 

There is something about her voice and the rhythm provided by Conor McLoughlin, Sean O'Connor and Cormac O'Neill working in synergy together which brings the lyrics alive. The no-nonsense say it how it is songwriting is pretty hard not to notice. With lines such as So what's the point of being two faced? Acting like a nice guy, oh, The smoke's gonna clear and the mirror's black and white, oh oh’ I am sure this is something we can all resonate with, especially when we think about the some of the people in our lives trying to play us for fools. Another thing I love about Sucka is how catchy the chorus is, because even if it is your first time listening to the band, you will automatically be singing along in next to no time. 

With Sucka also being one of the first songs and music videos to be released before the album came out, its a great song to begin with as music fans are able to ease themselves nicely into the record with a song they might already be familiar with. No greater pleasure than being greeted by a friendly face.

Setting the bar high, the adrenaline continues to flow with second track Ricochet. What I really admire about this song is just how authentic and genuine the lyrics are, because you can really tell how Rebecca is sharing her candid thoughts directly from the core of her mind. My favourite line would have to be ‘So tell me I’m wrong, I've heard it all, I'm on my own way, I'm on an endless highway. Tell me I’m done, I’ve heard it all, I'm on my own way, pull me back and I’ll ricochet’

It is a combination of depth and beauty - the creme de la creme of song writing. I think if I were to describe where Rebecca Geary’s strengths are as a songwriter, based on this song particularly, is how she able to take a song like Ricochet and transform her music into an extension of her mind, where music, listener and Sick Love become one.  The perfect trinity. 

Track number three, Holly I would say is probably one of my favourite songs from the album. It feels like it touches upon those social butterflies in life, the people who know how to party, have an air of curiosity to them are that free spirit who draw us in with their overflow. I am sure we can all think of someone like that, and Sick Love really help us to paint that picture with their truthful lyrics such as ‘Do I wanna be you or want you to want me?, I just know I never knew nobody like Holly’.

However the true champion of this song has to be the outro. ‘I can't explain it, but ever since that night, I just haven't felt the same, It's like I'm floatin' above the clouds, And then when we crash it's like an earthquake, Well, maybe in another time, In another life, Things would be different’. Sick Love have not only written this in such a poet and abstract way, but it is almost though despite the song coming to a close they are giving that opportunity to remain in their thoughts a little second longer. The power of the internal monologue. 

Three tracks down, and already loving Champagne. My admiration of these four talented souls from Ireland is just growing stronger and stronger. So let’s plug those earphones back in and continue. Next up is Don’t Wait. Have you ever found yourself in those situations where you have felt you are intertwined in a dead end relationship where you are just treading water neither coming or going, well this is that song which speaks some much truth into the matter.  For example ‘I'm tryna tell you I'm flatter than 7Up, But you're not getting the reason, You don't know, you don't try, So I'm leaving it behind’  is written such honesty and gives us the confidence as listeners or anyone who resonates with this song to just speak up. 

Rather than tell you about every single track on this album, there are a few hidden gems that I recommend you discover yourself, after all why give away all the trade secrets and spoilers if I don’t give you room to go and explore yourself. However I do want to shed some light on a couple more tracks which really impressed and probably were up there with Holly as some of my absolutely favourites. 

The first is Jacknife. I love it when music has charisma, and  the badass don’t mess with me mofo vibes to it, and well for me, this is that song. It is so slick and smooth sonically and lyrically. I absolutely love every single part of the lyrics on this song, especially the line ‘I could sock it to him, but the Devil’s going to find him first’. A real manifestation of Karma! 

The other song it would be rude not to mention is Conversation. Whilst the other songs have been full of energy, although this being a slightly more tamer, it is nevertheless one which still packs a punch. You are given an opportunity to really focus on the powerful songwriting of Rebecca and the beautiful balance provided by the rest of the band. It is a song in which you can appreciate the dynamic that Rebecca, Conor, Sean and Cormac create when they are in the same room together.

This song is the perfect antidote for dealing with those tender and sometimes raw moments we experience and just being a moment to be still in the moment, with the lyrics ‘I don’t need no conversation. I just wanna watch you sleep, it’s just like we're on vacation, no one knows that I believe like you do. You're bleeding me dry, we can fix this, if you just stayed the night’ being the perfect example. 

So there we go, my whistle stop tour through the debut album of Sick Love. As I said at the beginning as a band Sick Love have a lot to offer us music fans, and I feel after a incredible few years, Champagne is not just any debut album, but one which symbolises  Rebecca Geary, Conor McLoughlin, Sean O'Connor and Cormac O'Neill stepping into their prime, ready to make an impact to remember. 

Available on all major platforms, for the album that won’t disappoint check out Champagne today!

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Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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