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SHYGIRL - New EP 'Alias' out 20 Nov || Listen to "Slime" Now

This November, SHYGIRL will release her forthcoming EP ALIAS alongside new single "SLIME." Produced by SOPHIE, Kai Whiston and Sega Bodega, the single is available now on all platforms, with the full EP being released on November 20th. "SLIME" comes alongside a lyric video starring Shy’s closest friends, including Sega Bodega, Arca, SOPHIE, Mowalola, Ms Carrie Stacks and more.

Born from the ethos that people are never one-dimensional, the ALIAS EP serves as Shygirl’s origin story. Creatively split between four distinct aliases — overdriven elements of Shygirl’s personality that have taken on lives of their own — the project explores and embraces the traits within us all, toxic or otherwise. Embodied in her latest single "SLIME", the track lyrically plays with a narrative flip between two energies as they enter the club — one the cocky misogynist the other being a boss bitch — the twist being they are one and the same.

Inspired by the MySpace-era heyday of Cassie-style chart R&B, the track takes early-00s hip hop and twists it through the prism of deconstructed club music. Acting as a conductor for the track’s producers, Shygirl’s flow stitches together these powerful energies to create a Frankenstein’s monster. The interplay of so many elements and personalities is a continuing theme across her new project which sees Shygirl delve deep into herself and amplify every trait, for better or worse. Each of the four alias characters will be introduced throughout October before they appear together in the "SLIME" video.

"SLIME" follows "FREAK" as the second single to be shared from Shygirl’s ALIAS EP. Delighting fans and media alike with its mind-bending production, the single drew praise from across the spectrum of music media, with Pitchfork declaring it is “meant for the type of foggy club space where everything blurs, and no one knows whose limbs are whose.” Across the seven tracks on ALIAS, Shygirl’s curatorial flair is on display. With production from NUXXE co-founder Sega Bodega, SOPHIE and Kai Whiston, Shygirl’s natural predisposition to futuristic, genre-bending club sounds takes new life with the pop-ready sounds of Karma Kid and Oscar Scheller, and UK bassline influence of beatmaker Happa. The EP draws on Shygirl’s teenage diet of grime and UK rap, plus the genre-defining work of her cult club label NUXXE.

Listen to "SLIME" above and find ALIAS details below out November 20th with vinyl available December 7th via

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