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Sharone - Invisible

Do you ever listen to something, whether it be your favorite artist or something on the radio, and think to yourself, wow it is like this song is speaking to my mind? Well this is exactly what I felt the very moment I decided to check out the new single, Invisible by Denver based singer-songwriter Sharone.

The song which centered around that feeling of just wishing you could escape a world of toxic negativity, Invisible is not only a track where you as a listener can let out that frustration so to speak, but do it in a way where Sharone creates a safe space to guide you through those raw emotions. When I listened to this song for the first time, bearing in mind this was the first ever time I had even heard of Sharone, I just felt a wave of emotion come over me, which is important I think because yes writing about feelings of frustration and sadness are not a new phenomenon, but the way Sharone does it, is one that makes an impact.

This then transforms Invisible from not being a song, but more like a conversation where Sharone is giving us a glimpse of the inner honest thoughts of an internal monologue and is inviting us almost to not be afraid to have those same honest conversations with ourselves. When I am able to resonate with a song, regardless of whether I have been a fan of that artist’s music since day 1 or not is irrelevant, because tracks like Invisible help you to build a powerful bond where amazing people such as Sharone go on to be your source of hope and strength when you need it the most. The only real way you can understand, is to experience it for yourself, so don’t delay, go check out Invisible today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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