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Sella Dawn - Pull A Thread

There are moments in life where people will try and discourage us and maybe try put us off from following our hopes and dreams, well thankfully Canadian based Sella Dawn from Toronto chose to ignore those negatives vibes and follow her dreams of making music. My own introduction to her world, is in the shape of her brand new single, Pull A Thread which was released on 20th August 2022.

What I love about this song is just how catchy it is both lyrically and sonically and all brought together with Sella Dawn’s warm and welcoming vocals. It is the type of song that the more you listen, the more adrenaline you feel pumping in every part of your body, almost like someone has just given you the breath of life but in a way that helps you to see clearly.

Lyrically it is very honest, speaks directly from the heart and also feels quite cathartic especially as you mediate on each and every word that Sella is guiding us all through. I find the words to also be quite poetic which adds to the charm of the song, for instance ‘pull a thread, make me come apart, cut strings should have held your heart, but because of all the things you said, I see red’. Honestly just listening to that line as Sella sings it out, I can really feel the fire within me regaining its spark, a spark which has all too often been in a place where I felt like I was being treated like a puppet on a string. Pull A Thread to me is a representation of finding your voice is those situations and having the courage to put your foot down and say enough is enough.

The song may only be 2 minutes 34 seconds, but on this occasion its not all about the quantity of time, but the quality because despite its length you feel you are listening to something which is incredibly open, heart felt and enlightening, and all of that is all thanks to Sella Dawn herself. To say she has potential I feel would be an insult and an understatement, because Pull A Thread is one of those tracks which puts Sella Dawn up there as one of the hottest rising names in the 2022 music scene.

Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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