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Search & Seizure - "Lazar"

Having been working hard behind the scenes on their brand new album, US based quartet Seach & Seizure have finally been teasing their fans of some of the nuggets of gold that form part of their new record.

The third single, entitled "Lazar" which was only released less than a week ago is one of those tracks that hit the spot and is such a memorable and awesome song on all levels. Lyrically you have depth which guides and lures you in, then sonically the whole feel of the song will make you want to embrace every single detail.

When I started really feeling passionate about music as a teen, my entry and appreciation of music began with the likes of Thrice and AFI. Listening to "Lazar" takes me back to that 19 year old me, a stage of my life where I had many a great memory, because it reminds me of the artists that helped to shape and influence my tastes in music.

You know what, even though I am older now, I can still see Search & Seizure being one of my all time favorite bands, because although I may not have the same energy that I once had, I still can recognise and appreciate good music when I hear it. Listening to "Lazar" has made me even more keen to want to experience the rest of the album itself too, because if this single is anything to go by, it is going to be one of those records countless music fans cannot get enough of, myself included.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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