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Scream VI: Ghostface is back

People live and people die, and you'd better start running!

Scream 6 has already set a franchise record with a fantastic weekend at the box office and rave reviews. With any whodunit, especially a Scream movie, my biggest worry is giving my honest, open opinion on it, without spoiling it for anyone, plus I don't really want Ghostface to come after me, as he has promised to do, to anyone who spoils the ending. Gulp! The film has moved from it's original setting of Woodsboro to the bright lights of New York City and in my opinion it gives the movie a grittier, fresher edge. The "Core Four" of Sam, Tara, Chad and Mindy all return, alongside Gale Weathers. We also see the return of Ghostface 4 survivor Kirby Reed, who now works for the FBI and has to work alongside Detective Bailey on the case.

The opening has a breathtaking and brutal twist and ends with Ghostface landing with one of his best lines from the whole franchise. As the body count mounts up, so does the list of suspects.

The team discover a shrine to Ghostface in a museum in an abandoned movie theatre. Every killer's mask and their costume are there. It's eerie, but for a huge Scream fan, also pretty cool. As we head towards the big reveal, the pace picks up and I have to say, I loved the scene on the subway. It is Halloween and multiple New Yorkers are dressed as Ghostface... The ending is as brutal as the rest of the film, with the team having to work together to not only try to survive, but unmask the killer or killers? Before I give my closing comments, I want to give a few shout outs. Huge credit must go to the Scream 6 PR & Marketing team for absolutely smashing the campaign on social media and hats off to Roger L. Jackson, the voice of Ghostface for once again, scaring us silly with that distinctive voice. Nothing will ever beat the original film in the franchise, but Scream 6 gives it a good try. I mean really good. Midas at the Movies gives Scream 6 a score of 4/5

Article By Dean Midas

About the Author: Dean Midas is an award winning horror film director, based in Willington, County Durham.

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