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Scottish Ballet’s Cinderella

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Unlike any other review we have done in the past, we wanted to do something a little different and give a whole new meaning to the whole notion of a Live Review. Rather than just do one big review to be shared posted event, I thought hey wouldn't it be great to do an almost in-progress review which gets updated throughout the night itself, thus meaning the reactions are in real time, it gives you a feel at how the event is going so far, and most of all makes you feel like you are sharing the experience with us.

Think of it like this even - you have some doing something fun and exciting that you can't wait to tell someone but rather than wait till you next see them you pick up your phone, give them a face time call or whatever else and hey presto it is like they are in the room with you.

So how are we going to do this I hear you say? In three stages:

Pre Show - everything that goes with the build up of going to an event - the invite, deciding what to wear, the anticipation and all those good feelings you get.

Intermission Update - All types of shows always have a break, which is perfect because as well as an opportunity to nip to the bar or freshen up, its also a chance to reflect on the experience so far. You will have your own views, but you will also hear other people chatting with a friend or a loved one about how they are enjoying it so far too.

And final stage (pardon the pun) is the post show reaction. Those thoughts that come to your mind as the event is over and your making your way to the nearest exist, most likely wishing you could turn back time and relive the experience all over again. The sign of a good show is when the anticipation you get leading up to the event evolve in to that feeling of getting butterflies in your stomach.

So with explanations out of the way, lets waste no further time, as we ask you to join us for our night with the Scottish Ballet.

Pre-Show Commentary:

It is 30th January 2019, and words cannot describe how excited I am to be attending the opening night of the Scottish Ballet's retelling of the famous story, Cinderella hosted at the iconic Theatre Royal in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Even to this day, the story of Cinderella the story of a young lady subject to the poor behaviour of her Aunt and two cousins, who soon escapes and finds her happy ending, is a tale which has been shared amongst countless generations. Regardless of how old you are the life of Cinderella is something which we can all relate to.

With this in mind therefore what I am most looking forward to about tonight is about seeing how the Scottish Ballet will illustrate the life of Cinderella.

Act 1 & 2: Its only been the first two acts and wow what can I say, I am blown away at how beautiful the Scottish Ballet have choreographed everything. Such an captivating atomsphere and what I am impressed with is how there are no spoken words the body language and the delivery are well executed.

Already we can see the story of Cinderella unfolding and the Scottish Ballet are wonderfully illustrating the themes of inequality and poor treatment that Cinderella was faced with.

At the same time though I also give full credit to the orchestra at the music they are using to encompass the positive aspects of Cinderella‘s life Such as the excitement of atending ball where for once she was allowed to be herself and the centre of attention.

Post Show Analysis: Remember at the beginning I mentioned a good show leaves you with butterflies, well that is exactly how I am feeling right now.

That final act as we see the pieces of Cinderella‘s life fall in to place are so moving and have really caught the absolute attention of each and every person watching tonight. You can literally hear a pin drop because of everyone has their eyes focused solely on the stage.

Final Reflections. You will notice I have not gone in too advance detail and step by step about tonight’s performance and that is because to truly understand its best experiencing through your own eyes.

What I will say though although there may be an absence of spoken words - everything from the stunning stage scenary, the energy and passion illustrated by the cast and of course the music provided by the orchestra make this one of the most powerful narratives that make you fall even more in love with a fairy tale which has existed through the generations.

I applaud the Scottish Ballet for how they have not just interpretred this classic tale but have provided an experience that I am sure many will agree with me has left them feeling enchanted.

Furthermore they have toured a select number of cities in the U.K. already but I am feeling incredible blessed to know that Newcastle‘s Theatre Royal is one of the select few venues in the country that has been chosen to showcase this remarkable show! I look forward to discovering more of the Scottish Ballet’s magnificent work!

Running until 2nd February 2019 - if you like the combination of light, love and transformation that leaves you feeling inspired then Cinderella is the show for you!

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