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Sara Andrea - Love

What do you know about about love? May sound like a simple question, but not always easy to answer. Thankfully though we have the beautiful music of Sara Andrea, an emerging singer-songwriter from the USA, who is here to help us unpack that all but important question with her debut single Love which was released at exactly Midnight a couple of days ago on 6th May 2022.

Having taken the opportunity to listen to the track, I was left completely speechless at just the sheer beauty of this song, because it had some of the most purest forms of lyricism that I have ever experienced in all my years as a music fan.

As a song, Love is quite reflective and speaks from the heart, which I can totally relate to all the thoughts and observations that Sara is sharing with us. I am very much like a lot of people, someone who wears my heart on my sleeve, a little sensitive but proud of my emotions because they are what make me who I am. So for anyone who can relate to that or feels that they are similar, then when you listen to Sara Andrea it is like she is speaking to our mind like a reflection of our innermost thoughts. The ability to have that impact, especially from a debut single, man that’s some pretty powerful stuff, and one which makes you want to cheer on Sara Andrea even more!

Given that in the past that Sara has collaborated and guest featured on tracks such as Sugar High when she teamed up with Angrybaby back in 2020, it is brilliant to see that she is finally stepping into the light as a singer songwriter on her own, because from what I just heard, Love is the type of song which is guaranteed to take Sara Andrea to a whole new level, whereby in next to no time she becomes one of the most prominent names in the next generation of rising musicians.

To know that artists such as Sara Andrea exist, makes me so happy and absolutely grateful to be introduced to her music when she is at the very start of her incredible journey as an artist. I have no doubt that what is to come will be even more special with fans like me standing united as we support her all the way. So if you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, then the brand new song ‘Love’ is available to listen to right now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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