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Sam and sounds releases 'cloud 9'

If your looking for that perfect song to add you're summer playlist, then we have just the track for you – Cloud 9 by Sam And Sounds.

Aged just 19 years old, this remarkable singer songwriter from Surrey is bringing such a refreshing and upbeat vibe to 2020, with Cloud 9 being the perfect example of just some of the great things that he has to offer.

In terms of the song itself it has this special energy which makes you brings a nice boost of positive energy that just leaves you smiling, something which I am sure welcome with open arms by any listener. This song was only released on 26th June, but I have lost count how many times I have pressed this replay button because Cloud 9 just has that effect on you.

If you want to take your experience to the next level even more (and lets be fair who wouldn’t when Sam and Sounds is involved) then you can also check out the official music video which accompanies the song which just replicates and enhances that light, refreshing ad catchy energy even more.

Previous to Cloud 9, the 19 year old earlier this year released his debut single Do It At All Again, closely followed up Addicted To You, which we recommend you can out as well. You only have to look at the reaction online by music fans and also all those streams on the likes Spotify to see how Sam and Sounds is continuing to grow in popularity and is on his way to becoming one of the most exciting emerging artists of 2020.

So what is next for this incredibly talented guy? This is just the beginning, because if you think the three current releases were good, then you will be happy to hear that his debut EP will be coming really soon, and trust me when I say it is one EP you are not going to want to miss.

Until then though take every opportunity you can to not just listen to Cloud 9 and the other releases but also spread the word because there is no exciting time to part of the Sam And Sounds journey than now!

Article By Thushara

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