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RYAN - Sweet Music

Until today I had not heard of RYAN, but one listen to the American sing-song writers latest track Sweet Music has just added so much value to my day. Listening to Sweet Music is a song which radiates a lot of strength and peace and embraces this full and unfailing love, the purest and unconditional type anyone could ever find. 

This song provides so many lyrics which fill you with hope, such as ‘...she gives hope to those with none left to spare, my girl has the world in the palm of her hand, by my side, in my ear I hear sweet music, embrace her sound, she will never let you down, sweet music’. The beautiful thing about RYAN’s songwriting especially through this song, is that this song is not about a physical person, it’s about that deep bond you can develop through other things such as music. I often ask many people when I interview them do they consider their guitars to be their best friend, and usually the answer is ‘yes, because my the guitar I pick up is also that one thing in my life that really understands me the most’. So hearing Sweet Music is a prime example of that. 

Available on all major platforms, check out this track today.

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