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Ryan Lynch - Firelight

WIth only a couple of weeks to go to the release of his debut album, Stages, singer-songwriter Ryan Lynch has given us a teaser in the shape of his latest single Firelight. This song I feel is a great starting point for any music fan because it provides that opportunity to get up close and personal with Ryan and to get to grips with his style as a songwriter. 

Lyrically I really admire the way that he just writes with honesty, and adds an almost poetic and abstract spin to his words while also using his voice and the gentleness of the guitar chords to really bring the song to life. As for the overall rhythm of the track, the guitar solo around the 1 minute 45 second mark adds a nice twist to the song plus an opportunity to really appreciate Ryan’s skills as a guitarist too. 

As I said this is the first song to be teased from the new record, so I think it is a good taster to help get music fans ready for the arrival of Stages on 23rd February 2024. So don’t miss out and check out Firelight today!

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