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Rum Jungle - Upbeat

I have no shame admitting this, but the very moment I clicked play on Upbeat, the new song from Australian band Rum Jungle, there was plenty of foot tapping and shoulder swaying going on at my end for sure.

I love my indie-rock in general, but Rum Jungle enter stage left like a breath of fresh air by giving something full energy, which leaves music fans such as me really embracing those feel good vibes.

The lyrics are so catchy and infectious which will have you singing in next to no time and is the type of song which will be playing over in your head where you find yourself humming away without even realising it.

As a music fan I do not just want songs that lift my spirits when I need a quick fix, but also love it when a song gives me that same refreshing feeling whether I have listened to it the first time or the tenth time, and listening to Upbeat that is the exact notion I find myself experiencing.

Yea sure there have been some cool names to come out of the Australian music scene such as Tame Impala and DMA’S, but as far as indie rock is concerned Rum Jungle are the type of band who will not just motivate and bring the feel good factor, but will also leave you on your face each and every moment you listen to fun and exciting songs such as Upbeat.

I sure hope that it does not take long till Rum Jungle bring their live shows to the UK, because I can truly see a lot of music fans warming to their music and loving tracks such as Upbeat as much as me. In the meantime though I shall enjoy every single moment of the brand new song, and look forward to taking my next steps as a brand new loyal Rum Jungle fan!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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