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Ruley Invite You To The World Of Kate Tikhomirova & Isis Louw

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Style entrepreneurs Kate Tikhomirova (@katetik) and Isis Louw (@thesmartfashionistas) launch their first unique fashion collections in London and New York, in collaboration with fashion tech startup company Ruley.

London-based influencer Kate Tikhomirova and New York-based influencer Isis Louw will launch their seasonless capsule collections simultaneously on 17th October 2019 in the form of a time-limited 5-day exclusive online-only access event.

Ruley have built a platform to empower a new generation of style entrepreneurs from around the world to create their own fashion lines and build a business, by giving them access to systems and resources that would normally be available to bigger luxury brands. Their guiding principle is to launch partnerships beyond a one-off marketing collaboration in an oversaturated market, with a focus on mindful fashion.

Both collections have five pieces and have been created with the idea of reducing over-consumption and making a positive difference in mind. They are designed to transcend trends and be loved for years, not seasons. Each design is created individually, making use of fabrics and technologies that have minimal impact on the environment. The commitment to sustainability goes beyond ‘making to order’ and working with ethical factories.

In the lead up to the launch on the 17th October, I was delighted to be invited down to an special tea party at Brasserie Of Light at Selfridges on the 15th October 2019 where other than some delicious treats, it was also an opportunity to see a preview of Kate Tikhomirova’s collection with my own eyes.

My initial impressions can be summed up in just one word – WOW. Given that this is Kate’s debut collection, she has created such stunning clothing which is both fresh and fun. The key to being a true creative is being able to trust your instincts and take risks, and I truly believe based on this excellent collection that this is something that Kate Tikhomirova has successfully done.

It makes me excited even more how this fashion savvy influencer, who always looks so stylish and amazing, will continue to evolve as a designer. If there is one thing I will say though is this gives me the vibe that Kate Tikhomirova is going to become one of those revolutionary names that will have people hungry for more of her sensational designs.

Kate’s inspiration came from the empowered ladies in her life and a diverse philosophy of silhouette and design. The capsule features five wearable pieces with an eccentric twist that evoke her own sense of style. Kate’s collection has a London feel with prints and patterns featuring prominently. Silhouettes are sculptured, yet soft. The Nora dress is a black, silk cocktail shift and compliments The Anya and The Tania dresses, which are soft, flowing and feminine with mix and match prints. Tapered wool Natalie trousers with a belted waist and the Allison swallow-patterned shirt complete the range. High quality fabrics are recycled from leftover fabric stock in order to combat the high environmental costs of textile production.

Commenting on the collection, Kate has been stated as saying:

‘I don’t like to get comfortable with a certain trend, colour, or design. Stepping outside of my comfort zone with every look translates to me stepping out of my comfort zone in everyday situations. My followers are familiar with my love of mixing prints so a couple of the dresses incorporate that juxtaposition of patterns that enhances the look and my hope is that it also motivates us all to step out of the box of conformity.’

While Kate Tikhomirova will be busy on the 17th October with launch, over in New York the second influencer on Ruley’s roster, Isis Louw will also be releasing her collection as part of the 5-day exclusive event.

Although I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Isis’ collection close up, from what I have seen online, it is safe to say again that here we have an influencer who is embracing their creativity. What makes me smile about looking into Isis Louw’s collection is that it is one that is a beautiful fusion of comfort meets celebrating strong and confident women. Not just fashion but a beautiful dedication to female empowerment.

From what we already know about these two incredible ladies, this is certainly not one event you want to miss. For your chance to be part of the action and own some beautiful garments made me love and passion, then be sure to head over to between the 17th - 21st October 2019.

Happy Shopping!

Article By T.C

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