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Royal Blood are absolutely roaring with new single ‘Limbo’

Royal Blood have been one of the UKs hottest commodities since their Self-titled debut album in 2014. Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher are now gearing up for the release of their hotly anticipated third album Typhoons at the end of April and they have just released Limbo, the third single from the record.

Following on from Trouble’s Coming and Typhoons, Limbo sees the duo let loose with their ‘most ambitious and wildest’ track yet and it is infectious. The track grabs your attention as soon as the guitars hit and holds it throughout the entire 4:53 runtime. The drums are as heavy and driving as you would expect from a Royal Blood song too, there is very little fans could complain about with Limbo.

The track is a journey from start to finish and it really elevates as it moves along. It genuinely feels like you’ve just stumbled in on the duo jamming back and forth in the studio. Lyrically, the song takes us into the mind of someone losing their sanity and the panic and desperation that they feel. Kerr sings ‘I need saving (All this time), I’m fading (Hold on tight)’ in the chorus, pleading for someone to help drag him back from the edge before he slips further.

The song builds up to a powerhouse of a bridge. Married with the cacophonous sound of the drums, synths, keys and guitars Kerr tries one last cry for help; ‘Don't leave me too late, Don't wait, Until my body is cold, And I'm stuck in limbo’. The bridge and the instrumental outro are by far my favourite parts of the song, the culmination of an exhilarating sonic adventure that is quintessentially Royal Blood. The sheer noise that the duo manage to create in their music still thrills and amazes me and it is on full display here. It is so loud and yet so measured; it’s addictive and you almost don’t want it to end.

However, like all good things, Limbo does end. Once it has, it leaves you desperate to listen to it again. It is the perfect song to excite both fans and casual listeners and get them itching for the release of the full album. Royal Blood have been dubbed the saviours of UK rock for some time now, with Limbo it doesn’t seem like that crown will be taken off them anytime soon.

Article By Matthew Codd

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