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Rory Wynne gives us all FOMO on new single Missing Out On U

Manchester’s latest indie darling Rory Wynne is back with his infectious new single Missing Out On U and we promise it is not one to, well, miss out on. His latest release tackles the anxiety and uncertainty of new relationships and the Fear of missing out that comes as standard.

Of the single, Wynne states, “I think it’s something everyone can relate to, the early stages of a relationship where you’re still figuring things out and everything involved in that.”

Despite the anxieties and fears that the song tackles lyrically, musically this swaggering slice of indie dance music is as confident as can be. It melds indie, pop, and dance music superbly and is utterly infectious once it gets going.

The track marries a contagiously dance-y drum beat with a groovy but muted guitar riff which complements Wynne’s fantastic lyricism to create a melody that is unbelievably uplifting as well as sincere. There is a groove to it that is undeniable, it will have you hooked almost immediately.

Missing Out On U excellently captures both the euphoria of a new relationship as well as the anxiety that comes with it. The excitement of seeing their face at every opportunity and the fear of missing a single moment.

The tune is heavily reminiscent to me of the work being put out by Slaves’ Laurie Vincent and his new band Larry Pink The Human and their brand of indie-dance pop. This band is one of my favourite UK Indie acts around at the moment so with Rory Wynne capturing their essence on this latest release, I’m extremely excited to hear more from him.

Missing Out On U was released on Very Clever Records on 29th July and it is well worth your time. Once Rory has got your attention, he is not going to let you go. And you won’t want him to either, you know, just in case you miss out on something.

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Article By Matthew Codd

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