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Rock Orchestra by Candlelight

Photo By Jimmy Gough

If you have been keeping your eye on social media lately, you will no doubt have heard the whispers of excitement as the increasingly popular Rock Orchestra by Candlelight embarks on its tour around the UK. Having already called at the likes of Brixton O2 Academy, the tour continues with visits to York, Sheffield and Northampton before coming to NX Newcastle on 28th October 2022 - just in time to begin the Halloween weekend in style.

With only a few days to go, we had the pleasure of speaking to Nathan Reed, CEO and Founder of Mega Events, who along with his team are the ones we all have to thank for bringing Rock Orchestra by Candlelight to the towns and cities of the UK, thus giving us all a different and even more breathtaking way to appreciate the power of live music even more.

Nathan a pleasure to welcome you to DARKUS. How has life been treating you and your team lately at Mega Events?

Thank you so much! We’ve been constantly on the road for a few months now with back to back to tours, which is what we love doing, so absolutely cannot complain.

You host a number of different events, with one in particular being the Rock Orchestra by Candlelight which comes to NX Newcastle on 28th October, before touring other parts of the UK too. What was the main vision and inspiration which led to the Rock Orchestra coming to life in the first place?

We were looking for a new show that would work in a socially distanced environment in covid, when we thought, wouldn't it be incredible to hear all your favorite rock and metal songs played by an orchestra… and the rest is history!

Photo By Jimmy Gough

Last year was the orchestra’s debut year, and one year later it has continued to grow in popularity - that must feel pretty rewarding for you to see the way people are embracing something which is very much a relatively new event?

We are very fortunate to have had an awesome reception and wonderful guests who have been coming to multiple shows on the tour and supporting us… we’re very grateful!

One of the things which makes these shows that extra bit special is how intimatiate they are - would it it be fair to say that the Rock Orchestra will be unlike anything else anyone has ever experienced before?

Its a pretty unique experience, the set, candles, costume design and the sound world all up to be more then the sum of their parts.

Was there anything you wanted to do differently this time round, compared to this time last year when you had only just introduced the world to Rock Orchestra by Candlelight?

We wanted to explore more music, including some challenging metal tracks like Chop Suey by system of a down which we recorded a video for. We’ve only just started on the journey and the sound world is getting more and more exciting!

This is ofcourse just one of many events that you look after, because Mega Events also look after other celebrations such as Foreverland, Spring Break Amsterdam, Camp Oktoberfest, and another great one especially for the approaching Halloween season, Festival of The Dead. Are there any in particular which you put to the test, but are equally also quite rewarding too?

Every show has its individual challenges, but seeing any creation come to life is rewarding! Festival of the Dead is another demanding and unique show but its an absolute labour of love!

Photo By Jimmy Gough

With MEGA Events being established in 2013, how would you describe your growth -- has it been a journey which has kept you smiling?

I’ve loved the journey - obviously covid wasnt fun and it certainly set us back, but we also learned from it and came out stronger on the other side. We tend to embrace the failures as much as the successes, its all part of the journey.

As 2023 will be your 10 year anniversary, have you got any plans yet of how you want to celebrate and mark the amazing milestone in your own Mega Events way?

Its been 10 years but i feel like were just getting started - no doubt we’ll have a few drinks to celebrate but nothing too wild, were very focused on the future!

Photo By Jimmy Gough

For anyone who has not been to Rock Orchestra or any of your other events, why are are they missing out?

Seeing the rock and metal they love presented in completely unique way with some spectacular musicians tearing it up on classical instruments.

Nathan I wish you all the best, long may the good times continue!

Thank you for having me!

Photo By Jimmy Gough

Sending our deepest thanks to Nathan once again! The Rock Orchestra by Candlelight will be coming to NX Newcastle on 28th October 2022 with tickets still available, so trust us this is an event you truly do not want to miss.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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