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Roachford Releases 11th Studio Album, Twice In A Lifetime

Since a young age, London born singer-songwriter Andrew Roachford has gone on to make such a strong career through his love of music which has seen an abundance of achievements along the way ranging from being awarded an MBE in 2019 from Princess Anne for his services to music, as well as creating a number of exceptional albums. To the excitement of countless fans, Andrew caused quite a hype when he announced the news of his 11th Studio album, Twice In A Lifetime which was released 11th September 2020. Just like any other of his records, this latest one has just a fresh vibe to it, whilst also adding a twist of Roachford magic that fans have come to adore.

Wanting to find out a little more about the life of this amazing guy who has attracted so much respect within the music industry as one of the greats in today’s scene, we gave Andrew a good ol’ phone call as we took a little trip down memory lane.

Welcome Andrew. How have you been enjoying the past few months so far?

So far it has been both a mixture of strange and nice. Normally I would be out playing a gig, or even just watching. These days though I have been teaching myself to cook and have even got myself a signature dish haha. There is also a park close to where I live, so it is nice to just pay a visit most days.

You recently released your latest single, Gonna Be The One. What has made you smile about the response it has gained so far?

I was actually quite surprised at how many people warmed to it, because as a musician it is always hard to be objective because your always second guessing yourself and wondering if it anyone will actually listen, so to know people are liking it is always good to know.

Such great to hear that album number 11, Twice In A Lifetime was released in September which many fans were able to sink their teeth into. Like all creations different albums represent a different part of a person’s journey, so what did you want this record to say about the Andrew Roachford of 2020?

Part of the journey was about maturity where you are valuing the people around you. Compared to other albums I made, I feel that this was even more heartfelt, and came out of a place where I really wanted to say thank you the people who have been part of my journey and how much I appreciate them.

When you have had such a rich and amazing history with music over the course is it a relationship where you and music pretty much know each other inside out, or one that your still finding new things out about yourself?

To be honest I still think I am figuring things out. Music has always been the air that I breathe, and with the album it was good to take things to a deeper level.

You have collaborated with some other remarkable friends including Chaka Khan, Joss Stone and Mike and The Mechanics. You must have had many a great memory?

It is always great to meet your heroes. When I first met Chaka Khan we spoke for ages, and I remember being a little star struck at first, because she was just so massive for me especially when I was still going to school. She was just so lovely and down to earth.

For the new record you worked with producer Jimmy Hoggarth. When giving someone the invite to come on board to be part of a body of work that means so much to, what are some of the qualities you look for?

The important thing for me is that I need to work with someone who has a great personality. Jimmy is great because we get on so well and we also both know where we stand with each other. He will do his thing and I will do mine, but in sense that we were both working towards the same unified goal.

Having also brought in members of Amy Winehouse’s band, was that quite an emotional moment as you paid your respects to the memory of a lady who had a impact on so many people’s lives?

Amy was such a lovely person. I met her quite a few times and having had a catch-up chat she would always tell us that we must jam together. Playing with some of her band was really emotional yea, but it was also a very powerful moment, where rather than being sad she was no longer with us, we had this special opportunity to just celebrate her life and who she was a friend and a fellow musician.

You are also a patron of the Music Venues Trust, which supports grass roots venues around the UK. It is no surprise the impact that Covid-19 has had on these venues, so how important as a music loving society that we remember to help those places to keep the spirit of live music alive?

I owe a lot of thanks to grass roots venues especially when I was at the very beginning of my career. One of my favourite places I used love going was the Marquee club situated in Wardour Street in London. It was such a cool place especially within the jazz and rhythm and blues scene. Before it closed I played one of the last gigs there which was such a special moment for me.

For me personally, I have always like grass roots venues because they are the places where you make your most important memories. Ok they may have pokey little dressing rooms compared to bigger venues, but that is actually part of the charm and the thrill of live music because they often turn out to be the most enjoyable of places to see live music regardless whether your on the stage playing or you are in the crowd enjoying the night as a fan.

Last year was special in other ways as you were awarded an MBE for services to music. When you first heard the news that you were going to receive such a prestigious acknowledgment what went through your head?

It was so surreal; I didn’t see it coming. I remember calling my mum straight away because this award was not just for me, it was for her as well. Growing up and even now my mum was always so supportive and helped me. We didn’t come from the wealthiest of backgrounds but she would work around the clock just to help me to pursue my love of music.

As the world gets ready to embrace Twice In A Lifetime, what would you like to say to all the fans and peers who have supported you over the years?

Just a massive thank you! I could not have done it without them and when you get such invaluable support it drives and motivates you even more to be the best that you can be.

Many thanks to Andrew for taking the time to speak to us, and as you can quite clearly see, such a lovely, humble and most gracious of artists. The brand new album Twice In A Lifetime is available now, so if you are looking for a body of work that really harnesses the strength of an artist and reflects their remarkable evolution over the years, then Twice In A Lifetime is certainly the place you need to be.

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Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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