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Rise in Vein - Fear & Co

Known for their crunshingly heavy and catchy tunes, Canadian rock band Rise In Vein are back with their brand new song Fear & Co, a song which will not just leave you hooked but also blow your mind from the very start.

My first love of rock music is all thanks to the Canada because it when travelling as a 19 year old student where I went to my first ever live music experience, so whenever I hear of any emerging new band from my favourite part of the world automatically I am fascinated.

From listening to Fear & Co for the very first time, in the first few moments already I have the a big smile on my face as I really love the whole vibe of this track as I feed and indulge myself in the midst of its energy. Before I know it I am singing along, because regardless of the fact that it is my first time giving it a spin, it is one of those songs which is so easy to dive straight into due to its reliability and the open hearted and honest lyrics.

As a band Rise In Vein whilst they may still be considered newcomers, their music still speaks volumes and are the type of band to grab your full and undivided attention just due to how awesome tracks like Fear & Co are. If you are looking for that new favourite band in your life, then in a heartbeat I would put Rise In Vein forward as a serious contender, because although Fear & Co is only the band’s third release of 2022, it is the type of song which create a buzz that only a fool would dumb enough to miss out on.

As a music fan, knowing bands such as Rise In Vein makes me so excited because I have this deep instinct that the following months ahead will see this Qubec quintet go on to create some serious waves. So if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the brand new track Fear & Co now's your moment to grab those headphones and crank up the volume. Happy Listening!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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