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Reykjavik Kids - Apnea

As much as I love discovering music from other parts of the world, it always brings a smile to my face when I am introduced to music from artists a little more closer to home. Originally forming in my very own home city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, friends Paul Tissington and Scott Munro joined forces to form Reykjavik Kids in 2015.

Since then these two talented friends have gone on to give us all a string of brilliant tunes. Having already brought out a bit of new music back in February of this year, only the other day (22nd April 2022 to be exact) the pair released their latest single, Apnea.

I feel whatever I say about this new song will be an understatement, because it has to easily be one of the best songs I have heard by a long shot. It has such a fun feel to it, and as song-writers Paul and Scott have really shown some real growth and are leading with their best foot forward. Don’t get me wrong, if you look at their earlier releases such as De Pasynuse or Century which were released in 2019 those were still good songs, but I think with Apnea and the way that the pair have evolved, Reykjavik Kids are taking things up a gear or two.

Fun fact, I had a friend who whenever I met him would always tell me about much I need to making sure I give Reykjavik Kids a spin, and although I am a tad bit late to the party I am glad to finally be here at last, because listening to Apnea has made me realise just how much I need more of Reykjavik Kids in my life.

Apnea is the type of song, that even after it has stop playing, you will still be humming it inside your head. I feel as well with the lyrics, those are easy to pick up and follow along too, which is guaranteed to earn a few extra brownie points especially for those first time listeners amongst us.

I sure hope that one day, once Scott returns from LA, that these talented chaps are able to put on a show in the city where it all began their journey began, and when that happens, me and many others like me will be right there at the front giving them a warm welcome.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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