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Rey Morado - Shook

Hailing from Ellenwood in the state of Georgia, hip-hop artist Rey Morado is someone to pay close attention to. He is very much a guy whose love and passion to create music is deeply rooted into his DNA, which only helps make him the even more stronger and motivated as an artist.

With his last release not being since October 2021 when he teamed up to collaborate with Malik Pollux for Understand by Vibe, after much anticipation on the 20th April 2022, Rey introduced us all to his brand new single Shook. This is one of those songs you find will grow on you as you piece all the different elements together and take it all in. Thankfully a few more presses of that replay button and you will realise that Rey Morado has won his way into your heart.

Shook as a whole is quite a deep and in some places a little bit dark, but that doesn’t stop it from becoming any less addictive. What I take from Shook is that Rey Morado is a songwriter who is not afraid of delving into themes which will almost provoke your thoughts yet are so addictive and insightful that you can’t help but listen to because what he articulates through his love of music has a lot of depth and value.

This song also has plenty of twists and turns for example toward the end when the main body of Shook comes to an abrupt end before an answer phone message is heard to bring the track to a close. This is clever craftsmanship on Rey’s part as it keeps us alert.

I would be more than happy to listen to Rey Morado on any given day and Shook is just one of the many songs in his collection which would get some continuous love from me. For me Rey is in a lane of his own, before if you are looking for samey samey repetitive hip hop which you cannot tell one song or artist from the other then he is not going to be that guy. Instead he is someone who is not afraid to step outside the parameters and for that alone he gets my utmost respect.

So before you rule it out completely i would encourage you to check out the new single Shook as you explore an alternative route which provides a different approach to hip hop but through the gaze of Georgia’s rising stars, the one and only Rey Morado.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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