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Revolutionary Livestream Platform Paarti launches with a 48hr Electronic Music Charity Event

Revolutionary livestream platform Paarti launches with a 48hr Historic Electronic Music Charity Event in support of the music industry

  • Historic 48 hour Electronic Music Event featuring iconic music venues worldwide taking place from March 19-21, 2021

  • Ticket proceeds and live donations and live donations in support of music heroes

  • Revolutionary new live streaming and social networking platform that enables a deeper social experience, where participants can make real-life connections, buy each other drinks, connect over songs, talk gear with other artists and more.

  • With unique ways to engage live audiences, elevate performances, and monetise events both online and in real life, Paarti is poised to transform the industry and re-shape how we connect to music culture everywhere.

  • Tickets and live donations accepted in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Paarti is the first dedicated live-music streaming platform to deliver the streams through a Peer to Peer Content Delivery Network powered by Blockchain.

THE BEAT GOES LIVE is a historic 48 hour electronic music event uniting many of the most iconic electronic music venues worldwide. Taking place from 19th - 21st March on the revolutionary livestreaming and social networking platform Paarti, the event is a joint initiative in support of music HEROES. Ticket and live donations from THE BEAT GOES LIVE will go directly to support venues, promoters and music related charities and organisations. Music lovers can support the cause by buying tickets and making donations live during the event in their local currency as well as through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The event will criss-cross the globe taking fans on a musical journey, broadcasting from some of the most iconic and best loved nightclubs including; Ambassada Gavioli (Izola, Slovenia) Cava Paradiso (Mykonos, Greece)

Club der Visionaere (Berlin, Germany)

Egg (London, UK) D-EDGE (San Paolo, Brazil) H0L0 (New York, USA) Noa Beach Club (Zrce, Croatia) Nordstern (Basel, Switzerland) Phonotheque (Montevideo, Uruguay) Super Dommune (Tokyo, Japan) Tenax (Firenze, Italy) Versuz (Hasselt, Belgium) + Secret Venue Raluca Cherciu, CEO, Paarti says:

“At Paarti, we believe the best live performances and events are more than music. They’re about connecting, sharing, finding joy in the moment — surrounded by the power and energy of all the people around us.”

“We are launching a new kind of platform kicking off with a historic event that brings together some of the biggest names in music, in support of music heroes. With the world’s most inclusive, engaged audience we are committed to give music lovers, artists, and industry players a more meaningful, more magical way to celebrate live music and the human connections it empowers. Because at Paarti, live isn’t just an 
in-the-moment experience — it’s the unforgettable connections that last long after the house lights come up. “Let’s make sure our favourite places, live acts, and artists continue to survive, thrive, and grow.”

Noa Beach Club, Zrce, Croatia says:What always drives us is the passion and love for music. For Noa, “the beat" never stops, it keeps playing just like our hearts that live for this industry. That is why Noa Beach Club decided to join this initiative because it arose from a sincere desire to continue living, having fun, and socializing from all over the world. Luckily, technology today allows us to do that, and this project is going to take it to another level.

It is important that clubs are opened so that generations are not deprived of socialization, so that artists continue their work for which they were born, so that friendships, love, and memories are created for a lifetime. Because it is what is all about.

The unity and cooperation we feel in this project will be remembered for a long time. We are all working hard, preparing for the season, and for our guests and fans we will always go the extra mile! Noa wants you to stay tuned and positive! We look forward to this summer and the fulfilment of many dreams in the years to come.“

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