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Revolt - Deity

I have to say when it comes to alternative rock, I am really loving all the great names I coming across from Norway, including my latest find Revolt and their brand new track Deity.

Man this song is blowing my mind on so many levels, to the point I am questioning where these guys have been all my life, because I am living and loving every single drop of Deity.

This is the type of song that if the band were opening up on stage, you would run straight to the front and get into the heart of the crowd as you through yourself into the music so to speak.

Quite amusingly (maybe not so much to the lady in the library) when I pressed that play button I found myself being overcome with energy and in next to no time was humming along with my eyes lit up, in a state of musical ecstasy. With the volume cranked up, my earphones plugged in, plus my humming probably getting a bit louder as I embraced the chorus, our very party pooper librarian comes over to tell me to keep the volume down. Outwardly I am apologetic, but inwardly I smile and feel like a badass, because no matter whatever anyone says nothing can stop me enjoying and feeling the vibe of electrifying track.

This song only came out on 8th April 2022, but I feel I have known it all my life. I truly believe that Revolt are THAT band you are going to wish you had more of in your life, because phwoar if Diety is anything to base your initial impressions on, it is gonna be a fun ride for sure. So get those rock fists in the air, be that living your best life badass, and tune into Deity today, you won’t regret it!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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