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Red Moon releases "Dreamer"

Red Moon feels like an artist who’s arrived from another world, with a tone as enchanting as it is ethereal, and a name inspired by the cosmos. She returns with her intoxicating new single ‘Dreamer’, taken from her upcoming EP ‘Phase I:XI’, out on 9th October. Her debut single ‘Dogma’ landed a first play by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 and became Line of Best Fit’s ‘Song of the Day’.

The tracks epic highs and dramatic lows reflect the remote rugged landscape of Nittedal, the sleepy town in Norway in which it was conceived. Raised in an artistic household, her mother and grandmother both accomplished painters, her relationship with music stretches far back to her childhood. Moving between Norway and Switzerland, she attended a music academy where she continued to play piano and was supported in trying various alternations of arrangement, writing and melody.

However, the arrival of ‘Red Moon’ was a long journey, but one on which she was prepared to embark. The surroundings of her hometown did not offer Red Moon the chance to share her sound in a way she wanted, so she spent a lot of her adult life travelling the world, meeting people and allowing their stories to influence her own craft.

Inspired by strong female artists including Imogen Heap and Sia, Red Moon was fascinated by melodrama and emotion. At 14 years old, understanding the world of a wordsmith like Heap felt like a personal epiphany as she started to comprehend the way in which these artists channel feelings into their work in order to help their listeners empathise with their experiences.

Now, Red Moon finds herself working with some of her biggest musical influences to explore her feelings and share her distinctive sound. On trip to London earlier this year, she found herself invited into a session with one of Heap’s closest confidants and partners, Guy Sigsworth, igniting a deep musical connection between them.

A love of dramatic production and a playfulness with melody has drawn Red Moon towards creating climactic music, as heard on ‘Dreamer’. Speaking of the track, Red Moon says, “I consider myself a sceptic and highly curious semi-realist and this paradox is explored in the lyric’s examination of the human condition; the constant struggle between despair and hope. Now more than ever, when the world can often feel its darkest, we recognise it is a privilege to be able to dream and have hope. The love and unconditional emotional support of my mother was a huge inspiration for me when writing this song and this is echoed in the feeling of power and freedom I feel when performing it. Needless to say, this song is very close to my heart.”

Red Moon truly believes we all have a desire to be heard and a right to vocalise our thoughts and beliefs. Armed and ready with a six track EP, she is ready to unleash her voice into the world.  


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