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PYNKIE Releases Third Album ‘Songies’: 12 Tracks of Dreamy Honesty

Already having a couple of good records under her belt, singer-songwriter PYNKIE is back with her dreamy new album, Songies. Being no stranger to her music myself, thanks to having the privilege of being recommended to her music by friends in the past, I was more than happy to delve straight, and see what was on offer with this latest chapter.

So make yourself comfortable as I give you the lowdown on what quite possibly be one of the beautiful bodies of music you could ever experience. The record starts with the opening track Time_60bpm, a nice soft, delicate and stunning number which has an enchanting vibe balanced with almost poetic lyrics giving us a early insight into PYNKIE’s open hearted approach to song writing , which you will find your send resonating too almost instantaneously.

This is followed nicely by Crushed Out, which not only keeps in that atmosphere, but also is a song which contains such richness all round - both lyrically and sonically. It feels like when I am listening to bold lines such as ‘Leave me alone, I don’t want to show you, leave me all on my own. I don’t want to trust you…’ I can not help feel drawn to PYNKIE even more because its the type of music from a place of honesty that I really love seeing in music where its much more than listening to a song but stepping into a glimpse of someone else’s inner monologue.

WIth Songies containing 12 tracks, all with their own identity and character, other than the two I mentioned already, if this is your first encounter with PYNKIE there are a few other songs I would encourage you to check out which will only further wet your appetite for the album as a whole. One of those would be Unsee. Other that intro, which FYI had me shoulder bopping, it is such a light hearted and fun song, but still keeping with PYNKIE’s vibe as an artist. One of my favorite lines “I really wish I could hang out in the back of my mind” to me didn't just feel like a lyrics to a song, but a mantra to life.

It was a challenge to try and decide which was my wild card choice of the record, because everything is so brilliant, but in the end I thought if you wanted something which brings together all of PYNKIEs strengths and embodies her diverse approach to her music, then it would have to be the track Plz. She takes lines such as “Please don’t make me cry, I don’t want to have to have to hide my eyes’ and executes it with a flair of upbeat energy, like wow - that there is the makings of a lyrical mastermind when vulnerability and strength are brought together as one.

Another beauty I must tell you about is Be Good, it has that enchanting and dreamy vibe we witness throughout the record and is infused with stunning vocals and words such as “I’ve been in over my head, buried in life’ and ‘It’s like I am not hear any more, a soul survivor” - some of the most empowering and inspiring lines I have ever heard, the type to make your heart and mind tingle.

So there we go, these are just some of the thoughts on PYNKIE’s latest record Songies and some of the songs to look out for. As I mentioned before, each track on this album brings its own character and energy whilst still successfully still be rooted in a much wider and beautiful narrative as a whole. I am not one to compare artists to other artist, so what I can say about PYNKIE is that based on what I have had the pleasure of listening to, she is an artist creating waves in a sphere of her own.

This record has only been out since 18th August 2023, and with still a few more months of this year remaining, we have the golden opportunity to step into the coming months telling the good people of this world all the reasons why PYNKIE may very well be the new favorite singer-songwriter.

Don’t let the moment pass you by feel a connection with PYNKIE and all the stunning tracks of this third record, check out Songies today. Available on all major platforms now!

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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