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“In Performance Space Number One, Psycho Comedy have made not just the best album of the month, but also one of the most astonishing albums of recent years.” - GET INTO THIS Probably the most exciting band to emerge from Liverpool in a decade or more”

- LOUDER THAN WAR Taken from their acclaimed debut album ‘Performance Space Number One’, this latest excerpt is another gloriously unhinged and unrelenting example of their vintage New York-scene refracted garage-punk at its finest.

With sleepless shades of the Iggy classic ‘Lust For Life’, ‘I’m Numb’ is a wiry mass of guillotine guitars, wild-eyed lyricism and thrashing percussion. Ejected with such frenzied execution, it’s a hit that barely lasts 3 minutes, but is fully aware of how to savour in every second.

A paean to the unsettled mindsets still ticking in the small hours, ‘I’m Numb’ takes us into the warped thoughts of one such protagonist as they find the night-before blurring unstoppably into the morning-after. As frontman Shaun Powell elaborates:

"A late night early / morning memoir. Laced with a sinister tone and black comedy, I’m Numb is an unapologetic confession of one’s debauched mindset…. With the tempo and rhythm reflecting the heartbeat of the character. Noise guitar hints towards The Shangri La’s/ Phil Spector, like glistens of light in the early morning. A raucous number."

Tense, troubled and ultimately thrilling listening, ‘I’m Numb’ sits alongside 13 other tracks on the band’s debut LP 'Performance Space Number One'; each of which aim to capture the ephemeral mindset of Psycho Comedy’s own vocalist and lyricist: Shaun Powell. Dubbed a “psychological concept album”, the record’s songs individually cast different lights on various elements of Powell’s conflicting psyche; from battling the harsh realism of modern life with the surrealist temptation of debauchery, darkness and nostalgia. 

Owing to its electrifying unpredictability and restless intensity, Shaun Powell recorded the vocals for ‘I’m Numb’ on the adrenaline rush of sleep-absent night; as he did with all of the tracks on ‘Performance Space Number One’. While the song has been in the Psycho Comedy repertoire for some time now, this latest version of ‘I’m Numb’ was recorded and produced in Summer 2019 by accomplished producer Rob Whiteley (BC Camplight) at Whitewood Studios in Liverpool

‘I’m Numb’ follows recent singles 'Pick Me Up' and 'Standin’ (both of which were championed by radio taste-makers Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 Music); and comes in the wake of a wave of rave reviews for their debut album, with Louder Than War, saying of the record: Scouse psych collective combine narcissism and nihilism, poetry and groovy rock’n’roll on idiosyncratic debut album. Probably the most exciting band to emerge from Liverpool in a decade or more”.

A love letter to the city they call home, the vices that squeeze tight, and the spectres of the New York-scene who continue to whisper in their ears; 'Performance Space Number One' is out now via Silver Machine Recordings. It is available on vinyl, cassette and all streaming platforms.

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