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Psychic Radio - Zoey 404

Giving us music with traces of popular culture for a bit of good measure, Los Angeles producer and musician Psychic Radio returns with her latest track Zoey 404.

Having given it a spin myself, I can tell you straight away that Zoey 404 is the type of song which will really get inside your mind, as you feel a real connection with Psychic Radio to the point that it feels like the pair of you are so close to being on the same wavelength. I find the the lyrics to the song itself to be poetic in the sense that it helps to paint a picture, whilst also keeping you engaged throughout.

I am listening quite attentively as I listen to Psychic Radio for the very first time via this new song, and what I realise after a while is that I find myself being hooked to the beat of Zoey 404 but also to Psychic Radio herself.

This song has only been out since 22nd April, and having listened to it a bunch of times on repeat already over the past 48 hours, I can confidently say that my journey with Psychic Radio has only just begun. You have your Grimes and M.I.A of the world, but when I listen to Zoey 404, Psychic Radio is very much creating her own lane.

What she treats us to next is anyone’s guess, but I tell you what Psychic Radio is defo the type of artist who will have no shame keeping us on our toes, so keep on your guard and make sure your paying full attention because what ever direction Psychic Radio takes us next, you can bet it’s going to be pretty darn special. Available to listen now, want to see what makes this LA artist so impressive, then Zoey 404 is the place to start.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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