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POWFU RELEASES NEW EP 'poems of the past'

Rising lo-fi artist Powfu has officially released his debut EP poems of the past today.

The 6-song collection showcases the 21-year-old emotive rapper’s diverse sound and talent, ranging from alternative to hip-hop and bedroom pop. The EP’s opener “death bed (coffee for your head)” put Powfu on the map this year and has climbed its way to the Top 5 at Alternative radio this week, while consistently holding Top 5 positioning on Spotify’s Global Top 50 and on Shazam’s Top Global 200. Several tracks see Powfu collaborating with some of his lo-fi peers including Sarcastic Sounds, Rxseboy, Jomie, ivri, and, who is also Powfu’s sister. Rounding out the EP is a new remix of “death bed (coffee for your head)” featuring one of Powfu’s all-time favorite bands, blink-182.

“The 6 songs on this EP are some of my favorites that I’ve ever recorded,” says Powfu. “I had a lot of fun experimenting with different features and sounds, and I hope everyone finds their own favorite song on it, whether they like hip-hop, punk, lo-fi or bedroom pop. Some of these songs were written about my own personal past, some are romantic stories I wanted to tell, but now they’re for the fans to interpret for themselves.”

For years, Powfu has been studying and contributing to the lo-fi hip-hop movement happening around the world, recording and releasing music from his bedroom and building up a legion of nearly 1 million followers across his pages in the process. Now, he’s firmly established himself as an important player in bringing the genre into the mainstream.

poems of the past is available now.

Track listing:

  1. “deathbed (coffee for your head)” feat. beabadoobee

  2. “im used to it”

  3. “ill come back to you” feat. Sarcastic Sounds, Rxseboy

  4. “a world of chaos” feat. rxseboy, Jomie, ivri

  5. “popular girl, typical boy” feat.

  6. “death bed (feat. beabadoobee & blink-182) – bonus remix”

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