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Post Death Soundtrack Release Brand New Album 'Veil Lifter'

Vancouver based duo Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore better known as Post Death Soundtrack released their brand new album on 17th April 2024. The fourth record in their collection, Veil Lifter is the perfect example of their continued passion and drive to add their own special impact which brings together elements of metal and psychedelic rock, with a bit of an extra edge. 

Consisting of 11 tracks, Veil Lifter is one of those records which speaks for itself, as each song has its own energy and showcases just some of the many great qualities which make Post Death Soundtrack part of the powerful brethren of great names in todays era of music. 

With that mind, let us take a opportunity to look into the record in greater detail as I pick out just some of the tracks which make this such an epic album to add to your collection. 

The record begins with the opening track At The End of It All. Although being 27 seconds long, I can only describe it as an alluring scent of adrenaline which draws you in and creates a spark of curiosity within the mind of the listener before transitioning perfectly into The Die is Cast which just grabs a hold of you and penetrates your mind to the core of the soul. It packs a punch, has a fusion of metal meets grunge vibes and is just so naturally easy to connect to as a listener, especially for anyone listening for the very first time. While the energy of the bass, guitar and drums create the hyptonising rhythm, the vocals and lyrics of member Stephen Moore add even more depth and power to the song. 

Post Death Soundtrack are not fooling around, they want to get into your mind and thoughts straight away. When you here lines such as ‘here comes the savior, broken, bloodied and soar, here come the bastards, chanting let's start a war, here comes your past again, its rotten to the core’ already the duo have succeeded in getting your mind thinking.

We then move onto the third track of the album, Killer Of The Doubt. What I really like about this track has a euphoric feel to it but articulated through grunge and metal, it reminds me of a mix between the likes of Metallica, Soundgarden and Nirvana with Post Death Soundtracks own dynamic versatility bringing it all together. The lyrics as well, oh my days, I absolutely adore and respect the intricacy and depth that Stephen has applied here because whilst you also listen, you also feel a magnetic bond with the lyrics which feel so soul embracing to hear, and expressed in such a poetic way. 

For example one of my favorite lines is, ‘Let the dark come over me, on a night of a 1000 stars, out of the depths I run, through the terror and apathy, I run’. This is the type of songwriting which really allow you to almost be within touching distance to the vivid picture that is being presented to us. The perfect example of the realities of powerful songwriting through the gaze of Post Death Soundtrack. 

Icy Underground which follows next, is one I particularly like and would put up there as one of my personal favorite tracks from the album, because lyrically especially there is an overall narrative to the song, but one which keeps your thoughts fully engaged. A song which offers food for thought with an abundant level of nourishment to feast upon.

For example, ‘All God’s children won’t avoid, every false flag destroyed, truth is of no consequence, buried in all the evidence, way down here for providence, all we are is suffering, retreat to the icy underground, swim the holy waters now.’. From a listener's perspective when I allow myself to really open my mind to the lyrics, there is a lot of resonance to the ideas that Post Death Soundtrack are introducing us to through songs like this. You could even go as far to compare it to the state of the world in the times that we are living in, as you see all the dots connecting together. 

A third of the way through Veil Lifter, and have to say with it being my first real introduction to Post Death Soundtrack I am extremely impressed by what I am hearing so far. I don’t want to give the whole game away by sharing too many spoilers, but there are just a couple or so more tracks I will draw your attention to. 

The first is Lowdown Animal. What really stands out about this track is it is one of those golden opportunities on the album where you can join in and sing along to. Don’t get me wrong you can do that with some of the earlier tracks on the album, but those are good especially when you are in the mood to be a little bit more contemplative. Lowdown Animal has that raw energy to it which really encourages a nice bit of participation, whilst still providing lyrics which carry weight and powerful meaning, whilst also adding to the overall catchyness of the song. The chorus especially, ‘Let down by the Father, betrayed by the Son, yea you know the one’, already i can feel how voices would be raised in unison from the depths of a mosh pit if this song was ever performed live. 

The other song I want to highlight is Immovable. Being one of the longer tracks, I would regard this as the wild card of Veil Lifter. As a track I think it brilliantly brings together all the different elements which make Post Death Soundtrack such masters of their art. Immovable has so many layers to it, lyrically and sonically, and I think the duo have really given themselves room to show us the true strength and burning desire of Post Death Soundtrack where they go don’t hold back and really push themselves. You are treated to the numerous infectiously good riffs and bridges, plus the perfect balance of both light and dark energy. And of course from the song writing side of things, lyrics which ignite with lines such as, ‘From station to station, I am insane, destroy, create, they let us remain, death will not sway, fear cannot face…’.

So there we are just some of our thoughts on the brand new album by Post Death Soundtrack. This is one of those albums which cannot be rushed, its one which requires you to really approach with an attentive frame of mind, as you savor on the intricate nature that each song on this album provides.

Post Death Soundtrack have a wealth of talent and creativity running through their foundations, and Veil Lifter just highlights just how this duo from Vancouver are continuing to evolve from strength to strength with each footstep them make. 

Available on all major platforms, listen to Veil Lifter today!

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Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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