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Poolhouse - Sour

The great thing about music in the times we live in is that that thanks to the power of the internet, everything is so accessible. For anyone you loves nothing more than discovering new music or even a new band to totally vibe off, then you are going to certainly be spoiled for choice.

With that being said, not one to keep secrets to myself, I thought it was only right that I told you about my latest discovery, Poolhouse and their latest track Sour. Based in Utah over in the US, this trio are not just your new hottest boy band, as they describe themselves, but also are one of those bands you just know in your heart has the potential to go far.

When you compare Sour to the band’s previous releases such as Strawberry or even Fake My Heart Out, you can really tell how the guys are growing in confidence, and in the process making music that as a listener feels so dreamy to listen to. In fact the more you listen, the more you crank up that volume.

One of my favourite elements to Sour is the chorus because not is it a fine representation of the bands craftsmanship when it comes to song writing but also its the type of infectious chorus you want to sing at the top of your lungs as you recite and embrace the words, ‘Did you forget what you told me? When we were in the backseat, sweet summer love turned sour, it’s so loud and it only gets louder’.

Listening to the song once or twice would not do it justice or be enough, because it is the type of track which you cannot get enough of. While Poolhouse may be on the early stages of their journey, it is nevertheless one which is seeing them gaining a lot of traction as they continue to make their mark in the world of music which includes this raw energy which forms part of their aurora.

Listening to Sour takes me back to some of the bands I first started listening to when I was younger such as Allister and their track Somewhere Down In Fullerton, or even The Starting Line and their track Best Of Me. I can see Poolhouse following in the footsteps of those great names, whilst also imparting their own charisma and edge along the way.

I hope one day soon, I get the pleasure of seeing them come to the UK on tour, but for now I live in gratitude that I have songs such as Sour to delve into for the time being. Word on the street is that the guys have their brand new track Employee Of The Month coming out real soon, and I have no doubt it will be just as brilliant as Sour and other past releases too.

If your looking for that brand new boy band in your life, then Poolhouse are the ones for you! Happy listening!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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