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Pogo Pops - Maybe It Was Just a Dream

Do you ever find yourself after a nice weekend you find yourself getting the Monday blues? Well making sure to get the new week off to a good start Norwegian band Pogo Pops have just the pick up we all need in the shape of their brand new single Maybe It Was Just a Dream which was released only yesterday.

If you know your music, you will know that as a band, Pogo Pops have had an impressive 30 year career where they have provided music fans in Norway and further afield with their light hearted and catchy songs, and this newest release is certainly no different. The song may have only been out a day, and already I love it.

As a first time Pogo Pops fan, I find myself instantaneously warming to their music, and I think Maybe It Was Just a Dream is a track that anyone can gain a lot of harmony from. Listening to this song, kind of reminds me of listening to the likes of The Vaccines or even maybe Stereophonics, because you have those vibe you get from UK indie music, but with Pogo Pops also giving us a bit of their own Norwegian charm.

Like I said the song itself is only 1 day young, but I can seriously see this being it my go to when I need some inspiration and motivation during the day. Pogo Pops I feel have shown that every day is a brand new chapter as far as they are concerned, and having released Maybe It Was Just a Dream, this serves as a reminder that they still have plenty more fun times and memories to share with us. I once heard this expression which goes ‘listening to good music keeps you youthful and full of life’ and you know what it is only from listening to Maybe It Was Just a Dream did I finally realise what that meant. Listening to Pogo Pops and this single in particular feels like a breath of fresh air. Ok it won’t resolve all of your problems, but you can say at the least it will succeed in bringing a much needed smile to your face.

So with Maybe It Was Just a Dream now out there in the world, it is now up to us as a music community to give this song the love and nurturing it truly deserves. So if you have been a fan of Pogo Pops fan since day 1, or fashionably late to the part to the party like me (hey better late than never eh?), then this is your chance witness first hard a well established and iconic band continuing to move forward in style. So what are you waiting for, start listening today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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