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plainfacedgirl - FREAK!

I warn you now if you what i am about to tell you is not for the faint hearted, but if your willing to take the journey with me you will maybe finding yourself liking it more than you thought. Known for outspoken and x rated lyrics which explore sexual desire and human thoughts, US based artist plainfacedgirl returns with her brand new single FREAK! which came out on 27th April 2022.

Ok I probably would have this on full volume if I was around my parents, but at same time just down to how candid plainfacedgirl where she holds nothing back, FREAK! comes across as actually quite a liberating track. Yea you have the likes of Jeffrey Star and maybe more recently the Kim Petras who are not afraid to go all out and speak their mind, but everyone seems to just either make everything PG-13 or they just focus on things they find much more palatable. So its good to see someone like plainfacedgirl who is comfortable within her own skin to share tracks such as FREAK! With the world.

What I would say about FREAK! as a whole is it comes down to which prism you look out of, which is a shame because if you allow yourself to let go of your inhibitions, you will find what was originally outrageous and unapologetic is actually quite pleasurable and true. Sex is sex at the end of the day and whether we choose to accept it or not human beings are natually sexual beings, so songs like FREAK! are just a way for artists like plainfacegirl can embrace that notion in the hope it leads to others to the same.

We live in a world where if guys talk about sex its fine, but if its a female then its something to be frowned upon and most females avoid it on that basis because the harmless nature of society will lead to women fearing about the negative backlash they will experience plus not to mention all the derogatory names they will get called, not helped by the toxic nature of social media, which has created a generation of vindictive trolls and keyboard warriors.

The way i see it though FREAK! and plainfaced girl are standing in defiance of that and giving a signal to the world and the haters within society sticking two fingers up as she is not afraid or ashamed of who and what she is into, so on that basis alone when you see the bigger picture plainfacedgirl is a bit of a pioneer and a inspiration for others to hopefully follow her example.

I cannot force you to listen to something that makes you feel uncomfortable as we all have our own threshold of what we can handle, but i would also say if you want to give FREAK! a try , good on you and most of all noone is going to judge you.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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