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Pierce The Veil: Back & Live In The UK - Boilershop - Newcastle Upon Tyne - 6th December 2022

Photo By Sam Wall

Its blows my mind just thinking that back in 2006, California rock band Pierce The Veil first stepped onto the music scene. Having released albums such as A Flair For The Dramatic, Selfish Machines, plus my all time favourite Collide With The Sky, it would be fair to say say that this past 16 years has been one hell of a journey for a band that continue to thrive and remain a very close to the hearts and admiration of their countless fans across the globe.

I think in my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of witnessing some of their live shows whenever the band have made a special trip over to the UK, however I think for me I think it will be their recent visit to Boilershop in Newcastle on 6th December 2022 that will be up there as one of the greats. Why? Well because even just walking to the venue and seeing a whole line of people queuing up as far as the eye can see, full of excitement and adrenaline ready to spend a very special evening with San Diego’s finest. Being a band for 16 years and still being able to draw in a continuously loyal and growing fan base that crosses generations is certainly nothing to be ignored.

Photo By Sam Wall

I was probably about 21 or 22 years old when the band first came on radar, and now hear I am stood years later seeing a new generation of music fans having taken the wise decision of incorporating a bit of Pierce The Veil into their lives as well.

On that note, this takes me nicely to the show itself, and wow what an atmosphere. There is a buzz in the air as groups of friends, couples and significant others, plus those that just love great live music come together ready to give members Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry and Jamie Preciadio to the North East. People ducking and diving to get as close to the front as possible while others make a b-line to the merch stand to pick up a few keepsakes to cherish the occasion (I include myself in that too ha).

Against The Current - Photo By Sam Wall

With the atmosphere set by the support bands carolesdaughter and the vibrancy of Against The Current, both doing an exceptional job at adding to the party atmosphere, it was time for the moment of truth, can Pierce The Veil please report to the stage. I repeat can Pierce The Veil please report to the stage.

Opening with May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight, all eyes were on the band as smiles from both the crowds and the bands locked together, and evidently both very happy to be reunited especially since this was the first time the band have been back in the UK for 6 years.

Pierce The Veil - Photo By Sam Wall

If you haven't been somewhere for so long what would be your priorities be? Well for Pierce The Veil their is clearly a few top priorities consisting of getting moving, singing at the the top of their lungs and giving us those much loved Pierce The Veil anthems. And you can sure as well bet your bottom dollar that is what the band did as they performed adrenaline fuelled tracks such as Hell Above and Bulls In The Bronx to get the crowd warmed up.

This is not a set for the faint hearted, its one which requires you to embrace all the goodness of live music and not hold back from having the best night ever, because after all this is Pierce The Veil after all, it would be rude not to.

Pierce The Veil - Photo By Sam Wall

Taking a slight step from their earlier material, Vic also takes the opportunity to give the fans a little taste of newer material they have been working on, including their brand new track Emergency Contact which comes out on 13th January 2023 and is also featured on their next album Jaws Of Life which is released on 10th February 2023.

As much as music fans do love the classics, equally in the moment the fans also give the band their full undivided attention as they welcome this new song, which I can see from looking around is getting a lot of approval and love and plenty of shoulder shuffles and head bops. As a song, Emergency Contact is just an example of how the band continue to evolve and grow as musicians and masters of the the craft of song writing where each song they give has this ability to create a beautiful connection and bond with their fans.

Pierce The Veil - Photo By Sam Wall

Going back to the Selfish Machines album, the night also includes another fan favourite Caraphernelia, which for me is the perfect song for anyone being introduced to Pierce The Veil for the very first time because it has a mixture of all the fine components that make Pierce The Veil so diverse, energy, great lyrics and captivating vocals and a little touch of screamo vibes for good measure.

After having such a brilliant evening its almost to that point in the night for the band to say farewell to this loving Newcastle crowd, but not without a couple more extra treats, including a stripped back and beautiful acoustic version of Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears, before ending with probably one of the most pivotal songs which was the catalyst for the band’s continued rise over these past 16 years, King For A Day.

Pierce The Veil - Photo By Sam Wall

Fans dug deep to muster up all the energy they had to give the ultimate song of this encore their absolute all, and I tell you what it took the atmosphere in the Boilershop to a whole new level, and added to such a mindblowing and unforgettable evening of the finest live music that anyone could ever experience - with added confetti too! What more could you want! It is safe to say this will forever be one of those shows which many people will be talking for a long time to come.

So as Pierce The Veil enter 2023, with a new album just a few weeks away, I don’t know about anyone else by already this new year already has a lot to smile about, and hopefully it won’t be long till we welcome back Pierce The Veil back to the UK. Long may the good times continue!

Article By Thushara S Chandrasiri - Live Music Photography By Sam Wall

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