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Penelope Q - SHIT SHOW

There is a new lady in my life. Her name - Penelope Q.

No nothing romantic, but instead an US based pop-rock singer-songwriter I have been vibing since from the very moment I started listening. Having brought out a number of awesome songs in 2021 (be sure you check those out if you haven't already), Penelope Q steps into 2022 with her brand new song SHIT SHOW which was released on 31st March 2022.

If you like your music to have catchy hooks, lyrics which are honest and real, and a energy to it which will make you want to get up and sing like you are living your best life ever, zero fucks given, then SHIT SHOW is the song for you. I just admire in respects to her song writing especially with SHIT SHOW she is just saying it how it is especially when it comes to relationships. We all have that one person in life, either in now or in the past, who we feel is fucking with our mind, so it is like Penelope Q comes in and shows us we are not alone in that situation.

When I think of my own experiences in life, there have been moments where I have felt like screaming, so when I hear a song such as SHIT SHOW I totally get it, because Penelope Q is just not sugarcoating it and just saying it as it is.

With this being her first release of the year, it has been definitely been worth the wait, and shows just how Penelope Q has the potential to be one of one of the biggest and must loved artists by countless music fans around the world. For me, SHIT SHOW just makes me want to invest in her music even more, and I tell you what jokes aside she has just earned herself a new and loyal fan!

I won’t be calling myself the President of The UK Penelope Q appreciation Club or setting up any social media fan accounts, but what I will wholeheartedly and happily do is waste no time is ensuring I recommend Penelope Q and SHIT SHOW anytime anyone is on the hunt some truly phenomenal music. Want to experience the vibe yourself? Then go check out SHIT SHOW right now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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