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Paul Jacks - Brand New Shame

We are a third of a way into 2023 and already I am just overcome with happiness with just how much great talent we are seeing. Back on 13th February 2023, Alaska based producer and composer Paul Jacks released the video to Brand New Shame.

If you are new to Paul Jacks’ well one important key point to note is that he is not just any artist, but someone who is able to his art and transform it into a sonic masterpiece, and this new single Brand New Shame is just another prime example of what makes Paul the refined and accomplished person that he is known as.

Lyrically and sonically, Brand New Shame is beautifully intricate with layers of depth and texture to them, almost in the way you see someone painting a canvas in front of your eyes where the end result is that they take your breath away.

The music itself, plays to the creative flare of Paul Jack’s as a person and with the use of animation we can begin to grasp what that creativity looks like when we step into his mind.

If you're looking for that quick fix of short term pleasure, Brand New Shame as a song might not be for you, because this is a song which cannot be rushed nor can it be underestimated, because it is one which is filled with so much character, you will just want to give it your undivided attention.

So don’t waste a second longer, and go check out Brand New Shame today.

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