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Patty Griffin: River

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Acclaimed American singer-songwriter, known for her remarkable folky sound and many cool collaborations, is set to release her upcoming self-titled album ‘Patty Griffin’ and with this newly released taster of the first track ‘River’, it shows nothing but great promise for one of her most powerful albums yet. Bound to hit you at full speed, Griffin’s latest album will be put in our hands on the 8th of March and has already provoked an injection of eagerness and intrigue into the world of music.

When the song premiered in an interview with People Magazine, Griffin expressed that it “just kind of came out and the rest sort of followed” then later tells us that she just played “some chords with a feeling inside and there you go”. Fans now believe we could be looking at a more contemporary and diverse spin on things and hey, we’re all up for something different to kick start the New Year.

Recorded in Patty’s home, the force to create the upcoming project consists of legends like Stephen Barber, David Pulkingham and Robert Plant! Before we’ve even heard it we can already see the potential in this lavish line up. Griffin was supposedly heralded by this particular track and as for me, I feel the same…

When I first heard the track I was astonished by its beauty of the unison within it. The softened, yet somewhat eclectic mix of both country and folk melt like butter, as they form this laidback track that perfectly accompanies a Sunday afternoon spent relaxing in the house. I cannot express its simplicity enough as it’s so stripped back and the lonesome vocals of just Patty and the acoustics make the song so evidently strong, in the way it can make you feel quite nostalgic and reflective all at the same time. It gives you time to think, as it almost stops you in your tracks.

This song and Patty herself remind me of an early Joni Mitchell or Carole King. One of my all time favourite albums is ‘Blue’ by Joni Mitchell and when I first heard ‘River’, I saw great resemblance to not only the album, but the actual song also named ‘River’. Not to say she is the same nor compares in all ways with her sound however, definitely shares the role of a fierce female vocalist who has proven herself through her many exceptional albums throughout her career.

The cover art of the album also reminded me of the Van Morrison ‘Blowin’ your mind!’ album with similar stylish illustrations that I really liked. About four minutes into the tune the song completely fades out, leaving a serene atmosphere, until she ascends back into that rich-like chocolate smooth vocals which pair well for a delectable taste. ‘River’ has also lead me to delve into more country music as I had no idea that it could be so calm and collected as well as leaving a distinctive impact.

The new album is sure to grace the world’s playlists and many more as the Spring months approach us and we prepare for the more scenic and warmer days. ‘Patty Griffin’ seems like the mix that will blend pretty nicely with newly bloomed daffodils and brighter mornings. It is something fans will be passionately awaiting in March and something I’d much like to see the outcome of. I have full faith that Patty will prevail this Spring with more admirable tracks just like ‘River’. Make sure to check it out.

Photo By Michael Wilson

Article By H.T

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