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Paris Youth Foundation celebrate release of late night lost love

It has been a little while since I had the opportunity to check out some of the music of one of Liverpool’s coolest and exciting emerging bands, Paris Youth Foundation. It was a total highlight of the day therefore when our friends over at Modern Sky dropped us an email to let us know that the band had returned with their latest single Late Night Lost Love, which was officially released today.

Even from just reading the message just put a smile on my face, because having been fans of their music ever since I saw them at Live At Leeds a good few years ago, it is always a blessing to see how the guys have continued to grow in confidence.

As a song, Late Night Lost Love has so much to offer because within an instant you sense the fresh and upbeat vibe that Paris Youth Foundation are best known for, which is taken to the next level with Kevin Potter’s vocals and the energy of Tom, Jamie, Nathan and Paul.

Compared to previous material the band have released if you compare it to earlier tracks such as The Off Button, Jessica or Look At What You Started (which are all great too) you can really see that Late Night Lost Love sees Kevin really step things up as a lyricist. Not only are you getting a song which makes you think “ooooo” sonically, but you are also able to connect to it because he is writing from a place of honesty and openness about a phase of break-ups and love that we can all resonate with.

There are so many avenues to go with such a personal topics, but what I admire about the approach of Paris Youth Foundation is they deal with those frustrations by seeing it for what it is and bringing an element of calm in to the equation, only demonstrating further how they are continuing to grow in such a strong and positive way as a band.

While Late Night Lost Love may only be their second release of 2020, by just listening to this latest song gives you a clear indication that pandemics aside, Paris Youth Foundation are ready to mean business in their remarkable evolution as a band. So check out the song, and step into their world because trust me, it is one decision you wont regret.

Article By Thushara

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