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Paper Tigers - Hush

After much anticipation, Northern Ireland based Alt-rock quartet Paper Tigers have finally released their brand new EP , Graceless on 29th April 2022. Having taken the opportunity to listen to the EP myself one of the tracks to catch my attention was the lead track Hush.

I was not quite sure what to expect when I first heard about Paper Tigers. I read bits and pieces of their biography that were online, and check out some of the pictures on their social media, and thought hey they look and sound like some cool cats. It was only when I familise myself with their music did I think to myself wow, because listening to Hush made me feeling pleasantly surprised, and if anything made me that extra bit intrigued about Paper Tigers.

If you are a first time Paper Tigers fan, like any body of work for any band, there is always this question of where is the best place to start, and we can waste our time scratching our heads, but in fact what we should be doing is just jumping straight in. Hush is the perfect song to do that too, because it gives you an adrenaline rush and have you drawn in throughout.

When you have a song which is quite fast paced but has that unadulterated level of energy and the type of lyrics which are so relatable then the only thing left for us to do as listeners is to embrace it to the fullest.

Due to the way that listening to Hush has grabbed my attention, its made me all the more excited to sink my teeth into the EP itself, because I feel Hush is just the appetiser which has well and truly made me hungry for more. I am crossing all my fingers and hoping that it won’t be too long till I hear news of a Paper Tigers UK headline tour, because if their live performance is anywhere as good as Hush and the rest of the songs on the EP it will definitely not be something you want to miss out on.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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