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Panteros666 releases Bae or Bot feat. Floyd Shakim via Ultra Music

Panteros666 returns with the 4th single from his incredible ‘Bae or Bot’ EP. The former Bromance Records affiliate and quarter of supergroup Club Cheval, Panteros666 is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Consistently through the presentation of this unique project, Victor Watel (A.K.A Panteros666) has gifted us with stunning visuals which spark the imagination of anyone viewing them. Through the use of augmented reality & multi-dimensional animation Panteros666 brings to life beautiful characters within his official videos. They are in all different shapes and sizes, with vibrant colours that stand out anywhere!

In his latest visual installment, Victor brings the message everyone needs, one of positivity and tackling each day as it comes. It’s simple but poignant lyrics speak of the struggle of trying to understand why we are here and how it can be challenging for everyone. It goes on to establish that even though there is no definitive answer, we should always think about one and other and guide each other through the journey!

Even though the message can be interpreted as a serious one, the music is quick to contradict this. It offers that happiness and light at the end of the tunnel feeling from start to finish. Quickly erupting into it’s uptempo verses and stunning melodic breakdowns, the music is uplifting and a soundtrack you will want to play on repeat over and over.

About this project Victor states “Bae or Bot is a glimpse between the worlds of organic and digital, natural and urban, living and dead. Desire is reflected back to us through the ubiquitous tech facade of the animoji, as our cyborg/human Panteros wanders through increasingly alienating urban environments. All parallel with the dystopian situation earth is living right now is intentional”.

Following Bae or Bot, Panteros666 will release the final episode in this captivating saga of music and visuals in the form of ‘Rodeo’ which will cap off what has been an inspiring journey, which explored so many relevant themes around modern day culture. It is incredibly exciting to see what will follow this year for Victor as the adventure continues.

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