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Output 1:1:1 - ‘ Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué’ - A Taste of The Avant-Gothic Genre

Updated: Sep 17

For today’s choice of new music, we treat you to a bit of a wild card as we introduce to Output 1:1:1 and their latest record Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué which was released on the 8th September 2023. Describing themselves as a Avant-Gothic band, this Toronto trio have certainly got something unique to offer, especially if your feeling brave about stepping out of your comfort zone.

I will be upfront with you, that this is one of those records which is not for the faint hearted, so if your looking for cute and fluffy then you will be sadly disappointed, but if your in the mood for challenging your mind then you have come to the right place. So with that in mind lets dig into Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué a little deeper.

With 8 unique songs on offer, this album is a great way to really get a grasp of the band’s ambitious creativity and their boldness when it comes to not holding back their innovation and creativity when it comes to creating music. Its almost as though you are taken in to the realms of an alternative reality, but one which is curiously exciting.

When discovering a band for the first time, I always put myself in the shoes of other new listeners and think to myself where do I even begin, and usually that means picking out a few of the tracks which have caught my attention one reason or another as potential recommendations. A good starting point in the case of Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué would be of course the opening track Ruined Piano where you do really start to get a feel of what avant-gothic as a genre actually looks like. It feels dark, and haunting, but also pulls you, subconsciously inviting you to be brave and step into the unknown. Sonically i cannot fault one single thing about this track because its extremely coordinated as though you are witness a beautiful canvas being created right in front of you.

My next recommendation would be Oblast which I would say is probably one of my favourites as we have the perfect balance of light meets dark - the vocals just adding that extra edge while the the synths and the gentle percussion give the song definition. Then when the dark I guess would be the beautiful build up which starts to come into force around about the 2 minute 40 mark. You can really tell that Output 1:1:1 are not holding back and letting their creativity run free - its those types of experimental risks I love to see.

Another choice I would suggest as a good one to look out for is Man Godiva & The Rolling Corpse - which is a good one especially if your keen to hear a taste of what vocal and lyricism looks like for a band such as Output 1:1:1 . Again there is something quite artist about there approach. Ok it may not exactly be something you could sing along to, but it is equally as powerful. Performed live i could imagine this is the type of song where all eyes would be fixed on the stage, full attention given to the point of you may very well be able to hear a pin drop.I think the same could be said about Skinny Soul Stealing, the album’s 6th track, because again I feel like I am not witnessing music, but also art.

I could go on to mention the other songs which exist on this album, but i am a fond believer in the view that in order to fully submerge yourself any form of music, then it starts with you experiencing it for yourself.

What I will say though from listening to the album in its entirety, it has made me even more curious about Output 1:1:1 even more. Yes the songs may each be a bit longer than I may usually listen to, but I think once you have given yourself an open mind, the ability to just go with flow and let the album consume you feels much more natural. I will be intrigued to see where the creativity of the Output 1:1:1 trio takes them to next in the coming months, but based on this record, I know it won’t be anything less than extraordinary.

Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué is available now so be sure to give it a chance, because like I found in my experience, it actually left me pleasantly surprised.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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