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I cannot begin to explain just how excited I am to tell you about the brand new track CRASH & BURN by US based YOUR BEST FRIEND'S FAVORITE BAND. It is such full of energy throughout and is the type of pop-rock song which will make you want to get up want to dance and sing.

Lyrically CRASH & BURN is relatable and grabs your attention immediately, which is always a bonus especially when you are a first time listener.

Listening to this song it felt like I had known YOUR BEST FRIEND'S FAVORITE BAND and I can already visualise how immense and incredible it would be to see tracks like CRASH & BURN performed live.

I feel a bit sad that it had taken me to now to discover the sense of euphoria YOUR BEST FRIEND’S FAVORITE BAND radiate through their music, but the important thing is I am here now, so I cannot wait to continue my journey with this incredible band moving forward. So give it a spin and start listening to CRASH & BURN today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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