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Orrin - My Bad

The USA has given us many great hip-hop artists over the years, but if your looking for a new name to add to your list, then I would encourage you to check out Orrin and the latest track My Bad.

The song just oozes class from head to toe so to speak, because it has such a infectious energy to it, is stylishly executed and it one of those songs that will leave you hooked. Lyrically you are given a combination of honesty and speaking from the mind, which make it even more relatable when embracing My Bad through the gaze of a listener. If you give it a listen and find yourself just soaking up the energy and feeling the vibe, it gets better, as in addition to the song itself, My Bad also comes with its very own animated music video, which gives the song a whole new dimension.

Watching it, it honestly felt that not only am I got an insight into Orrin’s universe and creative mind when it comes to expressing those inner thoughts, but also I can imagine a lot of people saying out loud, ‘that isn’t too dissimilar to what the inside of my own mind looks like’.

Don’t get me wrong, listening to the song on its own is still good, but when you combine it with the music video you feel like you just want to immerse yourself in Orrin even more. As a new comer, having only come onto the scene this year, if My Bad is anything to go by, this will no doubt be the start of a very exciting journey for what could arguably be one of the hottest pioneers in the world of hip-hop music.

Available to listen to right now, don’t delay and be part of the Orrin revolution today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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