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Organa - Demons & Devils

Looking for something with a little bit or funk and soul as you feel the rhythm? The we have just the recommendation for you - Demons & Devils. A song by US based trio Organa, this is one of those songs which will have you feeling the synergy and vibrancy of the groove in no time.

For first time listeners like me, Demons & Devils is so adaptable and easy to follow. It is every band's goal to make their music accessible to everyone regardless of whether you have been a loyal committed fan since day 1 or at the other side of the spectrum if today is your day 1, so i feel through this song Organa are keeping everyone engaged thus allowing it to provide value and a connection with anyone.

The song as a whole is also actually very catchy and has this aura about it which just draws you in. I also find it quite invigorating to listen to. A lifetime of listening to indie, rock and pop music can sometimes feel a little repetitive and stagnant, but that is where bands like Organa come in with Demons & Devils to provide a fresh new alternative to put that smile back on our face.

Organa have spent 6 years as band already having formed in 2016, so with all those years of knowledge, wisdom and skill that members Corey. Gabe and Nick share between themselves it is safe to say if anyone can winning the hearts of new fans, it's those guys. Getting into a band for the first time can create that situation where you don’t know where to start just because you are spoilt for choice. But what i would say in the case of Organa it would be to start with Demons & Devils as it will give you a true essence of just how sensational these guys are and the ability to win your hearts through there music. So what are you waiting for, start listening today!

Article by Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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