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Only The Poets - Gone By Now

What a great time to be alive in the UK, especially when we are blessed to witness so many incredible artists gracing the music scene. From both a professional and personal point of view I wanted to raise my voice in celebration for the incredible Only The Poets and their latest song Gone By Now. 

Other than being quite possibly one of the catchiest songs which captures your attention, it is a song of such an immense beauty that the band have filled this entire song with an abundance of true and honest open hearted emotion. This song does not just make you feel, but it also helps you to unpack all those thoughts that we carry in our minds especially when life and relationships are concerned, especially with lyrics like ‘You can’t take back the things you never meant to say, already been a week but I feel it on me, you’ve already made my mind up, I am better off lonely, your that type of feeling, and no you aint leaving’. 

Sometimes the most painful thing of a relationship is not so much the break down of relationship, but the toxic to and fro when the exchange of words becomes hurtful. That is something we all experience, myself included, so to have a song like Gone By Now gives us that opportunity to be real and honest about the way we feel. Only The Poets are continuing to thrive, and thanks to impactful songs like Gone By Now it is not hard to see why. 

Available on all major platforms right now, make sure you do not miss out on the chance to experience the music of your new favourite band! 

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