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Old-school Elegant Masterpiece is Released by Artist Todd Dorigo

An elegant, old-school masterpiece is released by rock’n’roll-pop artist Todd Dorigo. Following his move away from the bustle of England’s capital, and into the depth of Sweden’s countryside just before Lockdown, Dorigo uses this 4-track collection of transportive hits to invite listeners to escape with him.

A fruitful background in music saw Dorigo previously touring Europe, playing at such events as Glastonbury and Wave Festival, supporting the likes of The Libertines and Carl Barat before forming the alt-rock 3-piece INK. This past year has been spent meticulously creating new solo material, before securing a record label with Fifth Island Music. From this, the release of his debut EP, ‘Anyone At All’.

Released originally as a single, the first track of the EP ‘Lure It Out Of Absence’ is driven by beautifully mellow, baritone vocals, over layers of acoustic sound and dreamy harmonies. Something so full of depth, yet bearing a gorgeous simplicity is presented here. Written, recorded and produced by Dorigo himself, the artist speaks of the track’s meaning: ‘it’s the predicament of aged love one might say.’

The move away from the bustle of England’s capital and into the Swedish countryside certainly appears as influence in the rustic aesthetic of the second track ‘Wooden Hill’. Reminding us here of icon David Bowie; the deep vocals, embellishments of rock guitar, all glazed over with Dorigo’s raw and original sound.

From the opening line ‘I wanna go into financial ruin with you’ the third song, and title track of the EP ‘Anyone at All’ had me smiling from start to finish. Perfectly depicting the trope of being broke artists, living off of love, to ultimately create a gorgeously romantic indie anthem.

There’s a shift in tone for the final number ‘One of My Kind’; something just as strikingly elegant whilst simultaneously uplifting listeners. Dorigo’s classically baritone vocals drive this song into an infectious chorus, that is calling to be played live for the artist’s ever growing audience. The track is accompanied by a cinematic, retro-style music video featuring the artist himself, filled with dancing, deer, golf, swords and red wine.

Todd Dorigo’s raw and diverse talent is beautifully evident in this well-structured EP ‘Anyone At All’. As listeners, we have been hooked, and are left eager to see what the incredible singer, songwriter, and producer will do next.

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Article By Catherine Anderson

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